Taji or Al-Taji (Arabic: التاجي) is a rural district north of the city of Baghdad, within Baghdad Governorate and Saladin Governorate.

Taji is located in Iraq
Taji's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 33°30′33″N 44°14′03″E / 33.50917°N 44.23417°E / 33.50917; 44.23417Coordinates: 33°30′33″N 44°14′03″E / 33.50917°N 44.23417°E / 33.50917; 44.23417
Country Iraq
GovernorateBaghdad Governorate
DistrictTaji District
 • Total200,000

Taji District has about 400,000 inhabitants.


Al-Taji airfield, in the volatile Sunni Triangle, was originally an Iraqi Republican Guard base during the Saddam era. It was once a center for the manufacture of chemical weapons. Taji was also the location of the largest tank maintenance facility in Iraq. Al-Taji airfield came under American control following the US invasion of Iraq.

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