Taiwan Sugar Research Institute

The Taiwan Sugar Research Institute (TSRI; Chinese: 台糖研究所; pinyin: Táitáng Yánjiūsuǒ) is a sugar research center of Taiwan Sugar Corporation in East District, Tainan, Taiwan.[1][2]

Taiwan Sugar Research Institute
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OwnerTaiwan Sugar Corporation
Coordinates22°57′56.3″N 120°13′13.3″E / 22.965639°N 120.220361°E / 22.965639; 120.220361Coordinates: 22°57′56.3″N 120°13′13.3″E / 22.965639°N 120.220361°E / 22.965639; 120.220361


The research center was founded in 1901.


The research center spread over 387 hectares of land, including 375 hectares of experimental farmland. It contains a series of bio-reactors and downstream processing facilities, such as chromatography columns, membrane separators, spray drier and crystallizer.


The current research TSRI is undergoing is to find new techniques to raise as much sugarcane as possible per area of usable land and to discover new and resistant sugarcane species from disease and pests.

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