Taiwan Music Institute

The Taiwan Music Institute (TMI; Chinese: 臺灣音樂館; pinyin: Táiwān Yīnyuè Guǎn) is a musical institute in Taiwan. It is headquartered at Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center.

Taiwan Music Institute
Taiwan Music Institute at The Xiqu Center of Taiwan 20170405.jpg
Founder(s)Council for Cultural Affairs
Coordinates25°06′08.0″N 121°31′12.2″E / 25.102222°N 121.520056°E / 25.102222; 121.520056Coordinates: 25°06′08.0″N 121°31′12.2″E / 25.102222°N 121.520056°E / 25.102222; 121.520056


The institute was originally established by the Council for Cultural Affairs in 1990 as the Center of Ethnic Music. In 2002, it was placed under the National Center for Traditional Arts and renamed the Ethnic Music Research Institute. In 2008, it was renamed again into Center of Taiwan Music. In May 2012, it was renamed Taiwan Music Institute when Council for Cultural Affairs was upgraded to the Ministry of Culture.[1]

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