Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association

The Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA; Chinese: 台灣區照明燈具輸出業同業公會; as abbreviated as 台灣區照明公會) is administratively guided by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China established in March 1989. TLFEA currently has over 850 members specializing in the light fixture industry, with the headquarters located in Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association
Formation23 March 1989
HeadquartersSanchong, New Taipei
Lin Ching-Yuan[1]
Yao Wen


Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association was officially established on 23 March 1989, defining its purpose as; Improve the foreign trade,Promote the economic growth,Enhance the communication and Interaction and Increase the mutual interests”.[2]

Owing to the increased use of LED technology in the lighting industry, the number of members has developed quickly to over 850 corporations.


General assembly as the highest organization gathering once every year, to elect the members on both Board of Director and Board of Supervisor (3 years as 1 term). There are 27 directors on the board to elect the 9 executive directors, the president of TLFEA being elected from 9 executives. Mr. Huang Ming-Chih (黃明智), is the present president, Mr. Fung Song-Yang (馮松陽), Mr. Kang Wen-Jie (康文杰), Mr. Tung Hsien-Yuan (董顯元), and Mr. Chen, Bing-Hung (陳炳宏) are as Vice-Presidents of TLFEA.

Board of Supervisor has 9 members to elect 3 executive supervisors, then elect again to decide the convener. Mr. Yaw Wen (姚文) is the present convener of TLFEA.

Secretary office is managed under the president, having 9 full-time employees to deal with the general affairs, with Mr. Li Hui-Yang (李輝陽) as the secretary general TLFEA.

List of PresidentEdit

Name Chinese Term
Wang Tai-Ping 王太平 March 1989 –March 1992
Lin Zheng-Lun 林正倫 March 1992 –March 1995
Chen Bao-Chin 陳寶欽 March 1995 –March 1998
Zhan Nien-Bo 詹年博 March 1998 –March 2001
Hung Hao-Cheng 洪皓成 March 2001 –March 2004
Chen Jing-Xi 陳金錫 March 2004 –March 2007
Wu Zhao-Ling 吳照麟 March 2007 –March 2010
David Chang 張孔誠 March 2010 –April 2013
Lin Ching-Yuan 林慶源 April 2013 –April 2016
Huang Ming-Chih 黃明智 April 2016 –Present


  • General Affairs Committee (Chairman: Mr. Yang Hung-Yu((楊弘裕))), North district Sodality (Chairman: Ms. Lee Shiu-Ling((李秀玲))), Central district Sodality( Chairman: Ms. Chen Shuei Jeng(((陳雪貞))), South district Sodality (Chairman: Mr. Kuo Rui-Fu((郭瑞富))).
  • Lighting Technology Committee (Chairman: Mr. Dong Hsien-Yuan((董顯元)))
  • Industrial League Committee (Chairman: Ms. Chien Yu-Mei((簡玉美)))
  • International Affairs Committee (Chairman: Mr. Michael Hsieh((謝勝文))), Taiwan-Japan Lighting Industry Exchanging Sodality (Chairman: Mr. Chang Shang-Hsien)
  • Exhibition Affairs Committee (Chairman: Mr. Hung Ming-Zhi((黃明智)))
  • Information Affairs Committee (Chairman: Mr. Chiang De-Chung((江德聰)))
  • Education and Training Affairs Committee (Chairman: Mr. Edward Po((柏健生)))
  • Lighting Development Committee (Chairman: Mr. Chiu Wen-Liang((邱文良)))
  • New Generation Lighting Committee (Chairman: Mr. Arron Cheng((鄭遠智)))
  • Cross-Straits Lighting Committee( Chairman: Mr. Lin Ching-Fang((林慶芳)))

Cross-Straits and International CooperationEdit

  • China Illuminating Engineering Society: 1994
  • Global Lighting Association(GLA): 2010.[3]
  • Zhaga Consortium: 2013[4]
  • Polish Association of Lighting Industry: 2013
  • Turkish Lighting Luminaire Association: 2013 [5]
  • Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association: 2014 [6]


  • Taiwan International Lighting Show [7]
  • Lighting Japan
  • Lighting Fair Tokyo/ LED Next Stage Show
  • Frankfurt Light and Building Show
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Show
  • Light India
  • Taitronics Show
  • Hong Kong International Lightins Show(Autumn Edition)
  • Lighting Middle East
  • Interlight Moscow
  • Taipei International Architecture and Construction Show


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