Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

The Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA; Chinese: 台灣清真產業品質保證推廣協會; pinyin: Táiwān Qīngzhēn Chǎnyè Pǐnzhí Bǎozhèng Tuīguǎng Xiéhuì) is a certification body that produces Halal certificates in the Republic of China. The association is based in the Taipei Cultural Mosque in Taipei.

Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association
Taipei Cultural Mosque.JPG
Formation7 May 2011
HeadquartersLevel 3, Taipei Cultural Mosque
Key people
Isa Chao (vice secretary-general)[1]
WebsiteOfficial website (in Chinese)
A Chinese halal restaurant in Da'an, Taipei.


THIDA was inaugurated on 7 May 2011 in Taipei.[2] The opening ceremony was attended by association managers, economic representatives, business people and around 300 Taiwan Halal Good Association companies and their relevant factions in Taiwan.[2] It is also the member of World Halal Food Council.[3]


The objectives of this association is:[4]

  • Ensure the Halal-ness to all Muslim consumers anywhere in the world
  • Protect the Halal integrity of local certification bodies from mistakes or mishandling by a few black sheep
  • Avoid consequences from such mistakes that may affect interests of other law-abiding companies
  • Allow sharing of the limited resources of each individual mosque in both the shariah and technical fields

Organization chartsEdit

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors and Supervisors
  • President
  • Secretaries
    • Halal Industry Promotion
      • Trade Show
      • Business Integration
      • International Relations
    • Halal Certification
      • Evaluation and Examination
      • Audit and Supervision
      • Education and Training
    • Administration
      • Legal Affairs
      • Finance
      • Documents
    • Consultation
      • Collaboration
      • Industry Advisory

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