Taitung railway station

Taitung (Chinese: 台東車站; pinyin: Táidōng Chēzhàn) is a railway station of Taiwan Railways Administration. It lies at the junction of the Hualien-Taitung line and the South-link line in Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan.


Taiwan Railways Administration
TRA Taitung Station 20180502.jpg
Location598 Ln 101 Yanwan Rd
Taitung City, Taitung
Coordinates22°47′36″N 121°07′23″E / 22.79333°N 121.12306°E / 22.79333; 121.12306Coordinates: 22°47′36″N 121°07′23″E / 22.79333°N 121.12306°E / 22.79333; 121.12306
  •   Hualien–Taitung line (004)
  •   South-link line (004)
Distance151.9 km from Hualien
98.2 km from Fangliao
Structure typeSurface
Other information
Station code004
Classification一等站 (Taiwan Railways Administration level)
Preceding station Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Railways Following station
towards Badu
Eastern Trunk line Terminus
towards Pingtung
South-link line


During the construction work of the back part of Taitung Station in 1980, a historic settlement area was discovered when graveyard containing several thousand slate coffins was unearthed, with some bodies still laid within. Around 20,000 pieces of jade, pottery and stone tools were also found. This had caught the attention of the government to carry out archaeological work and build a national museum to preserve the artifacts. The area officially opened in 1997 as the Beinan Cultural Park.[1]


Taitung station platform

There are three island platforms.


  • Currently a 1st Grade Station.
    • Most trains from Taipei Station terminate at this station whilst some continue on to Zhiben Station on the South-link Line.
    • Currently Train No 1 and 2 which goes around the entire Taiwan stops at this station to change locomotive head due to the lack of electrification on the South-link Line.
    • The station is equipped with elevators and escalators.
Year Ridership
1998 1,760
1999 1,868
2000 2,447
2001 2,897
2002 3,266
2003 2,915
2004 3,223
2005 3,435
2006 3,475
2007 3,483
2008 3,597
2009 3,060
2010 3,595
2011 3,738
2012 4,002
2013 4,258
2014 4,956
2015 5,283
2016 5,253

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