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The Taitō Prefecture government building
Taitō Prefecture

Taitō Prefecture (臺東廳, Taitō-chō) was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Taitung County.


Total population 93,138
Japanese 7,078
Taiwanese 85,068
Korean 35
American 0
Mexican 1
1941 (Showa 16) census.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Cities and DistrictsEdit

In 1945 (Shōwa 20), there were 3 districts.

Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana
Taitō District 臺東郡 たいとうぐん
Kanzan District 關山郡 かんざんぐん
Shinkō District 新港郡 しんこうぐん

Towns and VillagesEdit

The districts are divided into towns (街) and villages (庄)

District Name Kanji Notes
Taitō town 臺東街 Today Taitung City and eastern Beinan Township
Tamari village 太麻里庄 Today Taimali Township
Daibu village 大武庄 Today Dawu Township
Kashōtō village 火焼島庄 Today Lüdao Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Jinfeng Township, Lanyu Township, Daren Township and western Beinan Township
Hinan village 卑南庄 Abolished in 1944, annexed into Taitō town.
Kanzan town 関山街 Today Guanshan Township
Ikegami village 池上庄 Today Chishang Township
Shikano village 鹿野庄 Today Luye Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Yanping Township and Haiduan Township
Shinkō town 新港街 Today Chenggong Township
Nagahama village 長浜庄 Today Changbin Township
Toran village 都蘭庄 Today Donghe Township

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