Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium

The Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium (Chinese: 台南市立棒球場; pinyin: Táinán Shìlì Bàngqiúchǎng) is a baseball stadium in South District, Tainan, Taiwan. Situated in the South District, it is currently used mostly for professional baseball games, and has been the home stadium of Uni-President Lions since 1990.[1]

Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium
LocationSouth District, Tainan, Taiwan
Coordinates22°58′50.11″N 120°12′20.75″E / 22.9805861°N 120.2057639°E / 22.9805861; 120.2057639Coordinates: 22°58′50.11″N 120°12′20.75″E / 22.9805861°N 120.2057639°E / 22.9805861; 120.2057639
OwnerTainan City Government
OperatorUni-President 7-Eleven Lions
TypeBaseball stadium
Field sizeLeft Field Line - 339 ft (103.3 m)
Center Field - 400 ft (121,92m)
Right Field Line - 339 ft (103.3 m)
Broke ground1930
Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions (CPBL) (1999-present)
Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium field


The stadium was built in 1931 at the site of a baseball field built during the Japanese period. The stadium underwent a series of refurbishment in the 70's, and the light poles were installed in 1992 to enable the stadium for nighttime uses. Because the stadium is directly under the flight path of commercial airliners in and out of Tainan Airport, the light poles had their height reduced and had to be placed in front of the grandstands, obscuring the view of certain sections and also make the ball hard to see for outfielders.

The stadium is currently under the management of the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions organization since 1999, although the ownership is retained by the Tainan City Government. Chiayi-Tainan Luka of Taiwan Major League also occasionally played its home games here during its year of existence, although never officially naming it its home stadium.

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