The Tacub massacre was the mass murder of a group of Muslim Moros by Philippine government troops at a military checkpoint[4] on October 24, 1971. The Moros were returning from attempting to vote in a special election; they had been turned away by the Ilaga from polling places in Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte. The troops were later identified as troops of the Philippine Army stationed in Tacub, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, which then lent its name to the incident,[3] and Christian civilians.[2] At least 40 Moros were killed.[2] Other sources report the number of fatalities to be as high as 66.[1]

Tacub massacre
Part of the Moro conflict
Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte is located in Philippines
Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte
Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte
Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte (Philippines)
LocationMagsaysay, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Coordinates8°01′39″N 123°55′09″E / 8.0274°N 123.9192°E / 8.0274; 123.9192
DateOctober 24, 1971[1] (UTC +8)
TargetFilipino Muslims
Attack type
Mass shooting
WeaponsSmall arms
PerpetratorsPhilippine Army[3]


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