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TUC (/tʊk) crackers are salted octagonal golden-yellow snacks comparable in taste to Ritz crackers. The TUC brand originated in Belgium.[1] Presently, Mondelēz International markets TUC crackers in mainland india, while Valeo Foods' Jacob Fruitfield Food Group produces TUC crackers for markets in Europe, Asia, North America, and North Africa.


There are some varieties of TUC biscuits available:

  • Original[2]
  • Mini TUC – Original[2]
  • TUC Cheese Sandwich[2]
  • TUC Cheese (standard, not sandwich)
  • TUC Barbecue[2]
  • TUC Craks Original[2]
  • TUC Craks Sour Cream and Onion[2]
  • TUC Bacon
  • TUC Garlic and Herbs
  • TUC Paprika
  • TUC Break
  • TUC Break Rosemary & Olive
  • TUC Salt & Pepper
  • TUC Sweet Chili
  • TUC Roasted Chicken
  • TUC Samphire
  • TUC Seeds & Chives
  • TUC Sour Cream & Onion
  • TUC Barbecue (World Tour)
  • TUC Pizza

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