Sympathy for the Record Industry

Sympathy for the Record Industry (also known as Sympathy Records or Sympathy 4 the R.I.) is a mainly independent garage rock and punk label formed in 1988 by John Mermis, known as Long Gone John. Notable artists who started on Sympathy and went on to gain mainstream success include The White Stripes, Hole, and The Electrocutes (the first Donnas incarnation).[1]

Sympathy for the Record Industry
Founded1988 (1988)
FounderLong Gone John
GenrePunk, garage rock, indie rock, noise rock
Country of originUnited States

History edit

Long Gone John is the owner and CEO. He is an avid record collector with more than 10,100 records in his collection. He also owns Necessaries Toy Foundation, a company that creates 18-24 inch figures. Long Gone John also operates Sympathetic Press, a book publishing company that prints books with rock and roll themes.[1]

The first Sympathy release was the Lazy Cowgirls' Radio Cowgirl LP, which Long Gone John said he released as a "favor to the band." Sympathy has a catalog of more than 750 releases. The label's name is a play on the song "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones.

The roster has included Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Miss Derringer, The Muffs, Mumps, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Von Bondies, Rocket from the Crypt, Billy Childish, Turbonegro, April March, The Splatterheads, The Dwarves, Suicide, The Gun Club, Inger Lorre and Motel Shootout, Man or Astro-man?, The Red Planet Rocketts, Kim Salmon, Bored!, The Waldos, The Mystreated, and Redd Kross.[2]

On July 20, 2007, Long Gone John announced via his Myspace Blog that he was selling the label for "$625,000.00 or $700,000.00 if I don't like you."[3]

In September 2011, John decided to start releasing records once again. He signed a distribution deal with Independent Label Distribution, then immediately put out a full-length LP as well as three 7-inches by The Ettes. The company now distributes new records as well as many older ones from John's catalog.

As of 2023, the label's website has been updated with a notice that states "Hope to get the rest off the catalog up and available soon…". Sympathy has continued to add releases in the early 2020s.[4]

Discography edit

Cat. # Artist Title Format Other information
SFTRI 001 Lazy Cowgirls Radio Cowgirl LP live at KCSB, Santa Barbara
SFTRI 001 Lazy Cowgirls Radio Cowgirl + Bonus CD CD live at KCSB, Santa Barbara
SFTRI 002 Jeff Dahl Group Vomit Wet Kiss LP
SFTRI 003 The Twenty Second Sect Get That Charge MLP
SFTRI 005 Crowbar Salvation Kiss The Brain MLP
SFTRI 006 Lazy Cowgirls Beyond The Valley Of Jeff Dahl Featuring The Lazy Cowgirls 7-inch
SFTRI 007 Sav X Sav X 7-inch etched by Savage Pencil & Long Gone John (Flies Among The Maggots)
SFTRI 008 Loafin' Hyenas Scatter 7-inch
SFTRI 009 T. Tex Edwards Smitty 7-inch
SFTRI 010 Powertrip Sonic Reducer 7-inch
SFTRI 011 Bored Little Suzie 7-inch
SFTRI 012 The Lizard Train Motorcycle of Love 7-inch
SFTRI 013 Crawlspace August 7-inch
SFTRI 014 The U.V.'s Dropping Bombs 7-inch
SFTRI 015 Kris Guido And The Mogodons Warm 7-inch
SFTRI 016 Jeff Dahl & Cheetah Chrome Still Wanna Die 7-inch
SFTRI 017 Clawhammer Candle Opera 7-inch
SFTRI 018 Satan's Sadists She's My Witch 7-inch
SFTRI 019 The Creamers Love, Honor & Obey LP
SFTRI 020 The Child Molesters So Fucked Up 2×7″
SFTRI 021 The Tommyknockers Snake Lighting 7-inch
SFTRI 022 Pigmy Love Circus I'm The King Of L.A. ... I Killed Axl Rose Today 7-inch
SFTRI 023 The Mystery Band Tasting The Smell Of Life 7-inch cover art by Savage Pencil
SFTRI 024 Crowbar Salvation Sack Lunch 7-inch
SFTRI 025 Lazy Cowgirls The Long Goodbye 7-inch
SFTRI 026 Slub Comic Stellar 7-inch
SFTRI 027 God Rockin' Marky 7-inch
SFTRI 028 The Twenty Second Sect UXB 7-inch
SFTRI 029 Sacred Miracle Cave Heavy Black Noise 7-inch
SFTRI 030 Contrapunctus Two Legs 7-inch
SFTRI 031 Vinyl Gang Bang Vinyl Gang Bang 7-inch
SFTRI 032 Trash Can School Horses 7-inch
SFTRI 033 The Pooh Sticks Teenage High 7-inch
SFTRI 034 Garage Monsters Powerhouse 7-inch
SFTRI 035 Haunted Garage Brain In A Jar 2×7″
SFTRI 036 Loafin' Hyenas Scratchin' Fleas 7-inch
SFTRI 037 Clawhammer Claw Hammer LP/CD
SFTRI 038 Unholy Montage Unholy Montage 7-inch artwork by Savage Pencil
SFTRI 039 Lazy Cowgirls How It Is, How It Looks LP
SFTRI 039 Lazy Cowgirls How It Is, How It Looks + Third Times The Charm-Again CD
SFTRI 040 Ron Urini Wild Venus On Wheels 7-inch credited to "Ron Urini & Mars Bonfire"
SFTRI 041 The Philisteins Some Kind 7-inch
SFTRI 042 Mad Daddys Cat Scratch Fever! 7-inch
SFTRI 043 T. Tex Edwards Pardon Me I've Got Someone To Kill LP
SFTRI 044 The American Ruse I Don't Wanna 7-inch
SFTRI 045 Sav X Little Record That Wished It Could 2×7″ No music recorded. Two picture discs illustrated by Savage Pencil.
SFTRI 046 La Secta Don't Follow That Way 7-inch
SFTRI 047 Al Perry & The Cattle It's Your Grave 7-inch
SFTRI 048 The Lovedolls Rock In The Sea 7-inch
SFTRI 049 Barracudas Next Time Around 7-inch
SFTRI 050 Cordell Jackson Rockin' Rollin' Eyes 7-inch
SFTRI 051 Satan's Sadists Black Dahlia 2×7″
SFTRI 052 Chemical Dolls Gimme Some Head 7-inch
SFTRI 053 Hole Retard Girl 7-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 054 Crawlspace Solitude 7-inch
SFTRI 055 T. Tex Edwards Lee Harvey 7-inch
SFTRI 056 Miracle Workers Way Back When 7-inch
SFTRI 057 Clawhammer Blank Frank = Double Pac Whack Attack 2×7″
SFTRI 058 The Pooh Sticks Formula One Generation LP
SFTRI 059 Splatterheads Destroyer 7-inch
SFTRI 060 Slub Burning Immigrant 7-inch
SFTRI 061 Sacred Miracle Cave Salvation 7-inch
SFTRI 062 Tav Falco & His Panther Burns Surfside Date 7-inch
SFTRI 063 Johnny Legend House Of Frankenstein 7-inch
SFTRI 064 The Sunflowers Teenage Death 7-inch
SFTRI 065 Smegma Swampdick 7-inch
SFTRI 066 Coneheads Happiest Day Of Her Life 7-inch
SFTRI 067 Devil Dogs Get On Your Knees 7-inch
SFTRI 068 Turbonegro Route Zero 7-inch
SFTRI 069 Ron Urini Metal Thunder LP
SFTRI 070 Two Saints Lost At Sea 7-inch
SFTRI 071 Tav Falco & His Panther Burns I Can Help 7-inch credited to "The Tav & Gabby Show"
SFTRI 072 Trash Can School Baby Lust 7-inch
SFTRI 073 Spiderbaby Turn On Me 7-inch
SFTRI 074 Gargoyles Running Down 7-inch
SFTRI 075 Sonic Boom Drone Dream 7-inch
SFTRI 076 The Pooh Sticks Emergency 7-inch
SFTRI 077 Immaculate Hearts Sugar Pussy 7-inch Inner 7-inch sticker with devil girl illustration by Coop.
SFTRI 078 Kim Salmon Lightning Scary 7-inch
SFTRI 079 The American Ruse Another Girl, Another Planet 7-inch
SFTRI 080 Sludge Suicide Drive 7-inch
SFTRI 081 Melvins With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands 7-inch
SFTRI 082 Steel Pole Bath Tub Voodoo Chile/Arizona Garbage Truck 7-inch
SFTRI 083 The Crazies Self Destruct 7-inch
SFTRI 084 The Humpers Baby '89 7-inch
SFTRI 085 Barbed Wire Dolls Demoralize 7-inch
SFTRI 086 American Soul Spiders Spanish Doll 7-inch
SFTRI 087 White Flag & Tony Adolescent Young Girls 7-inch
SFTRI 088 Mooseheart Faith Bluevolution Pt. 1 7-inch
SFTRI 089 Jonestown Twenty Five Years 7-inch
SFTRI 090 Squeezed Brains Another Day 7-inch
SFTRI 091 Contrapunctus Burning 7-inch
SFTRI 092 The Pleasure Fuckers Get Away 7-inch
SFTRI 093 Lazy Cowgirls Teenage Frankenstein 7-inch
SFTRI 094 Metal Mike Wig Wam Bam 7-inch
SFTRI 095 Krüppelschlag Paralyzed 7-inch
SFTRI 096 Satin Chickens Satin Chickens 2×7″
SFTRI 097 Cheater Slicks You Don't Satisfy 7-inch
SFTRI 098 Anal Babes Fear And Loathing With The Anal Babes 7-inch
SFTRI 099 The Cynics Buick Mackane 7-inch
SFTRI 100 The Creamers Bob Kringle 7-inch
SFTRI 101 Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & La Fong Music From Binghampton 7-inch
SFTRI 102 The Sect The Beast 7-inch
SFTRI 103 Gargoyles Michigan 7-inch
SFTRI 104 Cry Lightyears 7-inch
SFTRI 105 Loudspeaker Pray 7-inch
SFTRI 106 Snailboy Spoo Heaven 7-inch
SFTRI 107 Calamity Jane My Spit 7-inch
SFTRI 108 Tesco Vee Crime Pays The Bills 7-inch
SFTRI 109 Red Planet Rockets Tick Tock 7-inch
SFTRI 110 Mummies Vs. Wolfmen 2×7″ The cover is a comic book illustrated by Coop.
SFTRI 111 El Vez En El Barrio 7-inch
SFTRI 112 Sacred Miracle Cave Melt Like Butter 2×7″
SFTRI 113 Supersuckers Saddle Tramp 7-inch
SFTRI 114 Atomic 61 Rip 7-inch
SFTRI 115/Sweet VA 001 The Pooh Sticks Who Loves You 7-inch
SFTRI 116 Olivelawn Beautiful Feeling 7-inch
SFTRI 117 Rube Ruben Shmendrick 7-inch cover art by Daniel Clowes
SFTRI 118 Crawlspace Spherality CD
SFTRI 119 Clawhammer We Are Not Devo LP/CD
SFTRI 120 Clawhammer Ram Whale LP/CD
SFTRI 121 The Muffs New Love 7-inch
SFTRI 122 Lazy Cowgirls There's A New Girl In Town 2×7″
SFTRI 123 The Pooh Sticks The Great White Wonder CD
SFTRI 124 Prisonshake Someone Else's Car 7-inch
SFTRI 125 Honeymoon Killers Vanna White 7-inch
SFTRI 126 Antiseen It Looks Good For Them To Care 7-inch
SFTRI 127 The Daggers Kiss That Girl 7-inch
SFTRI 128 La Secta Our Kicks 2×7″
SFTRI 129 Teenage Larvae I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 7-inch
SFTRI 130 God Bullies How Low Can You Go? 7-inch
SFTRI 131 Penetration Moon 5th A Day 7-inch
SFTRI 132 The Dwarves I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend 7-inch
SFTRI 133 The Electric Ferrets Arnold Ziffel 7-inch
SFTRI 134 Garage Monsters Safari To Mumbooba 10-inch
SFTRI 135 Chrome Cranks Way-out Lover 7-inch
SFTRI 136 Lithium X-Mas Live From A Dive 7-inch
SFTRI 137 American Soul Spiders Lazy Cowgirls 7-inch
SFTRI 138 Thee Headcoats Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt 7-inch
SFTRI 139 Iowa Beef Experience Jubilix 7-inch
SFTRI 140 Gargoyles Without End CD
SFTRI 141 Meanies Scum 7-inch
SFTRI 142 Spoon Trash 7-inch
SFTRI 143 Turbonegro Vaya Con Satan 7-inch
SFTRI 144 Pink Slip Daddy Junkyard 7-inch
SFTRI 145 Slot Grandma 7-inch
SFTRI 146 Tri-State Kill Spree Bathtub Meth 7-inch
SFTRI 147 Trash Can School Sick Jokes & Wet Dreams CD
SFTRI 148 Rancid Vat Portland Blood Bath 7-inch
SFTRI 149 The Pooh Sticks Crazy Love 7-inch
SFTRI 150 Basil Wolverton Wolvertunes 7-inch 3-D cover art
SFTRI 151 Thee Headcoatees We Got Seven Inches But We Wanted Twelve 7-inch
SFTRI 152 Roky Erickson You Don't Love Me Yet 7-inch
SFTRI 153 Slug Breath The Thing Out/Breakneck/Go Tell 7-inch
SFTRI 154 Blackflies Wake Up Stupid 7-inch
SFTRI 155 Sleez Sisters Sick On You 7-inch
SFTRI 156 Bad Vugum 2×7″
SFTRI 157 Big Chief Strange Notes 7-inch etched
SFTRI 158 Bad Religion Atomic Garden 7-inch etched b-side reproducing the cover art by The Pizz
SFTRI 159 Screaming Bloody Marys Devil Rock 7-inch
SFTRI 160 El Vez Maria's The Name 7-inch
SFTRI 161 The Pooh Sticks/Gila Monster split 7-inch
SFTRI 162 Gibson Bros. White Nigger 7-inch
SFTRI 163 Empty Set Down On The Street 7-inch
SFTRI 164 Mono Men Took That Thing 7-inch
SFTRI 165 Devil Dogs F*T*W* 7-inch
SFTRI 166 The Zeros I Don't Wanna 7-inch
SFTRI 167 Midnight Men Mean Mutha Fuckin Man 7-inch
SFTRI 168 The Phantom Surfers Unknown Museum Stomp 7-inch cover art by Coop
SFTRI 169 Smegma Thicket 7-inch
SFTRI 170 Woofer In Sequins 7-inch cover art by Savage Pencil
SFTRI 171 Gas Huffer Mole 7-inch
SFTRI 172 Girl Trouble Girl Trouble Plays Elvis Movie Themes 2×7″
SFTRI 173 Ethyl Meatplow Whore 7-inch
SFTRI 175 Bassholes John Henry 7-inch
SFTRI 174 Dangerhouse Box Set 7-inch Box Set (as yet Unreleased)
SFTRI 175 Bassholes John Henry 7-inch
SFTRI 176 Gibson Bros. Memphis Sol Today! LP SFTRI/TAR:
SFTRI 176 Gibson Bros. Memphis Sol Today! LP/CD Special fanclub edition
SFTRI 177 Overwhelming Colorfast It's Tomorrow 7-inch
SFTRI 178 Thee Headcoats Have Love Will Travel 7-inch
SFTRI 179 Rocket From The Crypt Boychucker 7-inch
SFTRI 180 The Friggs Shake 7-inch
SFTRI 181 Wild Billy Childish And The Deltamen Troubled Times 2×7″
SFTRI 182 Roky Erickson Beauty & The Beast CD
SFTRI 183 27 Devils Joking Love Vibration CD
SFTRI 184 Satan's Cheerleaders Rollercoaster 7-inch cover art by Coop
SFTRI 185 fluf Time Over 7-inch
SFTRI 186 Pink Slip Daddy Rock Action CD
SFTRI 187 Jackknife San Francisco Beauty Queen 2×7″
SFTRI 188 Spectrum True Love Will Find You In The End 2×7″
SFTRI 189 The Nomads Primordial Ooze 7-inch
SFTRI 190 The Vacant Lot Neighborhood Girls 7-inch
SFTRI 191 Kozik/Sonic Boom split 7-inch cover art by Kozik
SFTRI 192 Blunder Tongue Long Tall Willie 7-inch
SFTRI 193 The Shitbirds Oh Joy! 10-inch
SFTRI 194 Lubricated Goat Shut Your Mind 7-inch
SFTRI 195 The Darlin's Take Me Danci 7-inch
SFTRI 196 Mummies (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes 7-inch
SFTRI 197 White Flag Don't Give It Away 7-inch
SFTRI 198 Atomic 61 White Christmas - Blue Christmas 7-inch Special X-Mas Edition
SFTRI 199 El Vez How Great Thou Art CD
SFTRI 200 Their Sympathetic Majesties Request A Decade Of Obscurity And Obsolescence 1988 - 1998 2×LP Cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 200 Their Sympathetic Majesties Request A Decade Of Obscurity And Obsolescence 1988 - 1998 2×CD Cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 201 Roky Erickson Hasn't Anyone Told You 7-inch
SFTRI 202 Skullflower Evel Knievel 7-inch
SFTRI 203 Teenage Larvae Songs For Pigs 10-inch
SFTRI 204 Ford Vicodin 7-inch
SFTRI 205 Pontiac Brothers Big Black River CD
SFTRI 206 Mad Daddys Fifty Dollar Baby CD
SFTRI 207 Red Aunts Retard Jenny 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 208 Doc Wör Mirran Ugloids 7-inch
SFTRI 209 Super Sympathy Spectrum Stocking Stuffer 7-inch
SFTRI 210 Slug Hambone City/King of Ghosts 7-inch
SFTRI 211 The Spacemen 3 Dream Weapon CD
SFTRI 212 Workdogs In Hell CD
SFTRI 213 Jet Boys Get Out My Girl 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 214 Sacred Hearts Bottle Of Whiskey 7-inch
SFTRI 215 '68 Comeback Memphis 7-inch
SFTRI 216 The Humpers Positively Sick On Forth Street LP/CD
SFTRI 217 Los Falanas Nakema 7-inch
SFTRI 218 Loudspeaker Knockout 7-inch
SFTRI 219 Lazy Cowgirls Another Long Goodbye 10-inch
SFTRI 220 A-Bones Don't Need No Job 7-inch
SFTRI 221 Thee Headcoats Tubs Twist 7-inch
SFTRI 222 Billy Childish With The Blackhands Black Girl 7-inch
SFTRI 223 High Technology Suicide Paint It Black Sabbath 7-inch
SFTRI 224 White Flag White Rabbit 7-inch
SFTRI 225 San Diego Compilation (Unreleased)
SFTRI 226 Wreckless Eric Joe Meek 7-inch
SFTRI 227 Jackknife Drugstar '69 LP/CD
SFTRI 228 New Bomb Turks Trying To Get By 7-inch
SFTRI 229 Clawhammer Malthusian Blues 7-inch
SFTRI 230 Wreckless Eric Donovan Of Trash CD
SFTRI 231 Devil Dogs Saturday Night Fever CD
SFTRI 232 Bad Religion American Jesus 7-inch Cover art by Coop.
SFTRI 233 Bloodloss In-A-Gadda-Da-Change CD
SFTRI 234 El Vez Fun In Espanol CD
SFTRI 235 Ramleh 8 Ball Corner Pocket 7-inch
SFTRI 236 The Psychotic Turnbuckles Crazy Times 7-inch
SFTRI 237 Red Aunts Drag CD
SFTRI 238 The Muffs Big Mouth 7-inch
SFTRI 239 The Tards I'm Just Like You 8"
SFTRI 240 Trash Can School Volume War LP/CD
SFTRI 241 Radio Wendy Bad Assteriod 10-inch
SFTRI 242 The Child Molesters Brown Album LP/CD
SFTRI 243 Fur Sex Drive 7-inch
SFTRI 244 The Mystreated There's No Escape 7-inch
SFTRI 245 Phenobarbidols Beyond The Valley Of The Phenobarbidols 10-inch
SFTRI 246 The Junkyard Dogs Good Livin' Platter 10-inch
SFTRI 247 The Junkyard Dogs Good Livin' Platter 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 248 Workdogs Roberta CD
SFTRI 249 Chris Wilson Darkhaired Girl 7-inch
SFTRI 250 Man Or Astroman? Postphonic Star Exploration 5"
SFTRI 251 The Makers Hip-Notic 10-inch
SFTRI 252 Oiler Little Holes 7-inch
SFTRI 253-1 Jack O'Fire Soul Music 101 Chapter 1 7-inch
SFTRI 253-2 Jack O'Fire Soul Music 101 Chapter 2 7-inch
SFTRI 253-3 Jack O'Fire Soul Music 101 Chapter 3 7-inch
SFTRI 254 Turbonegro Grunge Whore 10-inch
SFTRI 255 Trumans Water Skyjacker 7-inch
SFTRI 256 Free Kitten Oh Bondage Up Yours! 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 257 Teengenerate, Savage!!! = Let's Go To The Top 10-inch
SFTRI 257 Teengenerate, Savage!!! = Let's Go To The Top MCD
SFTRI 258 '68 Comeback Paper Boy Blues 10-inch
SFTRI 259 Hand Over Head Evil Guru 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 260 Redd Kross 2500 Fans Can't Be Wrong 10-inch
SFTRI 261 The Gun Club Cry To Me 7-inch
SFTRI 262 Lunachicks Shit Finger Dick 7-inch
SFTRI 263 Oiler Missing Part One CD
SFTRI 264 The Psyclone Rangers Swing, Baby, Swing 7-inch cover art by Kozik
SFTRI 265 Billy Childish Book/CD
SFTRI 266 Southern Culture On The Skids Southern Culture On The Skids 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 267 Thee Headcoats I'm A Confused Man 7-inch
SFTRI 268 GG Allin & the Murder Junkies Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother 7-inch
SFTRI 269 The Waldos Rent Party CD
SFTRI 270 Los Falanas Cockroach Blues 7-inch
SFTRI 271 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 10-inch
SFTRI 272 The Friggs America's Only Rock 'N' Roll Magazine Parody EP 10-inch
SFTRI 273 Ringling Sisters Cherries In The Snow 7-inch
SFTRI 274 Deadbeats Live 1978 CD
SFTRI 275 Skullflower Ponyland 7-inch
SFTRI 276 Dead Moon Ricochet 7-inch
SFTRI 277 '68 Comeback Mr. Downchild LP/CD
SFTRI 278 Spectrum California Lullabye 10-inch
SFTRI 279 E.A.R. Mesmerised LP/CD
SFTRI 280 The Dwarves That's Rock'n'Roll 7-inch
SFTRI 281 DGeneration Wasted Years 7-inch
SFTRI 282 The Humpers Journey To The Center Of Your Wallet CD
SFTRI 283 Red Aunts Bad Motherfucker 40 O-Z LP/CD
SFTRI 284 Blag Dahlia Let's Take A Ride 7-inch
SFTRI 285 Loudspeaker Rubberneckers Vs. Tailgaters CD
SFTRI 286 Armitage Shanks Dutch Courage 7-inch
SFTRI 287 Je & Ill With Joe Coleman Je & Ill With Joe Coleman 7-inch cover art by Joe Coleman
SFTRI 288 Doo Rag 7-inch (Unreleased)
SFTRI 289 Supernova Electric Man 7-inch
SFTRI 290 Diesel Queens Wanderer 7-inch
SFTRI 291 Black Randy Pass The Dust CD
SFTRI 292 '68 Comeback Tobacco Road Part 1 7-inch
SFTRI 293 E.A.R. Pocket Symphony 5"
SFTRI 294 Gas Huffer/Red Aunts split 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 295 Adolescent Music Fantasy A Thousand Pounds Of Talent 7-inch
SFTRI 296 The Child Molesters Surfing With The Child Molesters 7-inch
SFTRI 297 Baby Lemonade The Wonderful 10-inch
SFTRI 298 Lollipop Write Me A Poem 7-inch
SFTRI 299 Jackknife All My Blues For Sale 7-inch
SFTRI 300 Their Sympathetic Majesties Request Volume 2 2×LP/2×CD Cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 301 Workdogs Old CD
SFTRI 302 El Vez Graciasland CD
SFTRI 303 If It Ain't The Snow (Bad Vugum Comp Vol. 2) 2×7″
SFTRI 304 Oblivians Oblivians 10-inch
SFTRI 305 The Nomads Powertrip LP
SFTRI 306 Karen Black The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 307 E.A.R. Sub Agua 8" picture disc, artwork by Anthony Ausgang
SFTRI 308 Satan's Cheerleaders Infinity CD
SFTRI 309 The Leather Uppers Cut Off Vest 7-inch
SFTRI 310 Devil Dogs No Requests Tonight LP/CD
SFTRI 311 The Shitbirds Faster And Shorter 5"
SFTRI 312 The Shitbirds/Simon & The Bar Sinisters split 7-inch
SFTRI 314 Geraldine Fibbers Get Thee Gone 10-inch
SFTRI 315 El Vez Cinco De Mayo 7-inch
SFTRI 316 Acid King Blasting Cap 10-inch
SFTRI 317 Earl Lee Grace Earl Lee Grace CD
SFTRI 318 Kings Of Rock/The Makers split 7-inch
SFTRI 319 New Bomb Turks (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 320 Rocket From The Crypt The State Of Art Is On Fire 10-inch
SFTRI 320 Rocket From The Crypt The State Of Art Is On Fire CDEP
SFTRI 321 '68 Comeback Golden Rogues Collection CD
SFTRI 322 Jackknife Real Folk Blues (For The Broke Generation) 10-inch
SFTRI 323 Tanner Purma Pac 7-inch
SFTRI 324 Workdogs A Tribute To Sonny Boy Williamson 7-inch
SFTRI 325 Skullflower Transformer CD
SFTRI 326 Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction 7-inch cover art by The Pizz
SFTRI 327 Ether Hogg Ether Hogg CD
SFTRI 328 Los Falanas Tantrum 7-inch
SFTRI 329 Magnitude 3/The Makers split 7-inch
SFTRI 330 Boyd Rice/Rose McDowell split 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 331 The Vikings Rock All 7-inch
SFTRI 332 Thee Headcoatees I'm Happy 7-inch
SFTRI 333 The Nomads Showdown! (1981–1993) 2×CD
SFTRI 334 Jack O'Fire Soul Music 101, chapter 4 10-inch
SFTRI 335 Thee Headcoats Louie Louie 7-inch
SFTRI 336 Bloodloss Ten Solid Rockin' Inches of Rock Solid Rock 10-inch
SFTRI 337 Ramleh Dicey Opera = Night Hair Child 7-inch
SFTRI 338 The Sore Losers Soundtrack 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 339 The Del Lagunas Exotic 7-inch
SFTRI 340 The Looney Tunes Cool Surfin' CD
SFTRI 341 The Mystreated Don't Do That 7-inch
SFTRI 342 The Tards Pissed You In The River 7-inch
SFTRI 343 Chris D. Love Cannot Die CD
SFTRI 344 The Humpers Contractual Obligation 10-inch
SFTRI 344 The Humpers Contractual Obligation CD
SFTRI 345 Roky Erickson with Evil Hook Roky Erickson With Evil Hook CD
SFTRI 346 April March Chick Habit 2×7″
SFTRI 347 Trick Babys Last Chance Man 7-inch
SFTRI 348 Phenobarbidols Fish Lounge CD
SFTRI 349 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus: The Second Coming 10-inch
SFTRI 350 El Vez Mex-Mas CD
SFTRI 351 The Humpers Fast, Fucked And Furious 7-inch
SFTRI 352 The Neptunas Surfatorium 7-inch
SFTRI 353 Guaranteed Ugly The Ugly Ones 7-inch
SFTRI 354 Candy 500 Loretta Hogg 10-inch
SFTRI 355 Monster Truck Five Vandal-X 7-inch
SFTRI 356 Los Straitjackets Gatecrasher 7-inch
SFTRI 357 International Language Where The Bands Are 7-inch
SFTRI 358 The Quadrajets Let's Go To Outer Space 7-inch
SFTRI 359 The Pleasure Fuckers Ripped To The Tits CD
SFTRI 360 Los Falanas Hell Blues 7-inch
SFTRI 361 Motel Shootout Burn 7-inch
SFTRI 362 The Quadrajets Burden LP+7"/CD
SFTRI 363 Starpower Orbital Sander LP/CD
SFTRI 364 The Cowslingers Truck Drivin' 10-inch/CD
SFTRI 365 The Nephews This World CD
SFTRI 366 Diesel Queens Hooked On Moronics CD
SFTRI 367 Monster Truck Five Columbus Ohio CD
SFTRI 368 The Spacemen 3 For All The Fucked Up ... LP/CD
SFTRI 369 Honeymoon Killers Sing Sing (1984–1994) 2×CD
SFTRI 370 Haves Coal Black 7-inch
SFTRI 371 The's Bomb the Twist 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 372 Compulsive Gamblers Gamblin' Days are Over CD
SFTRI 373 Rocket from the Crypt Plays the Music Machine 5"
SFTRI 373 Rocket From The Crypt Plays The Music Machine 7-inch
SFTRI 374 The Stump Wizards Waxy Yellow Build Up CD
SFTRI 375 El Vez Like A Hole In The Head 10-inch picture disc
SFTRI 376 The Neptunas Ask Any Mermoid 7-inch
SFTRI 377 Ramleh Be Careful CD
SFTRI 378 The Chubbies I'm The King 7-inch
SFTRI 379 Acid King Zoroaster CD
SFTRI 380 Los Primos Twistin' Con Los Primos 7-inch
SFTRI 381 Emma Peel Play Emma For Me CD
SFTRI 382 The Chubbies I'm The King CD
SFTRI 383 Oblivians Six Of The Best 10-inch
SFTRI 384 Geraldine Fibbers Dragon Lady 7-inch
SFTRI 385 Turbonegro Ass Cobra CD
SFTRI 386 Joey & Korla Pandit Blast Off 7-inch
SFTRI 387 Korla Pandit Exotica 2000 CD
SFTRI 388 The Neptunas Scratch And Surf CD
SFTRI 389 Campus Tramps Stay Dumb CD
SFTRI 390 '68 Comeback Someday My Prince Will Come .... 2×7″
SFTRI 391 Satan's Cheerleaders Paint It Black CD
SFTRI 392 Supernova Monsta!11 5"
SFTRI 393 The Quadrajets Queen Of The Twist 7-inch
SFTRI 394 The Makers Shout On 2×7″
SFTRI 395 The Cougars 10 Curiously Strong Songs CD
SFTRI 396 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Vol. 1&2 CD
SFTRI 397 Red Aunts Paco 5"
SFTRI 398 April March Chick Habit CDEP
SFTRI 399 Loudspeaker Lit 7-inch
SFTRI 400 Sympathetic Majesties Request: Volume 3 CD (As Yet Unreleased)
SFTRI 401 Emma Peel Lava Lamp 7-inch
SFTRI 402 Johnny Tu-Note & The Scopitones I'll Do Ya Right 7-inch
SFTRI 403 The Wildebeests Just Like Me .. 7-inch
SFTRI 405 Jack O'Fire Forever CD
SFTRI 406 Oblivians The Sympathy Sessions CD
SFTRI 407 Stinkies Boogie '72 7-inch
SFTRI 408 The Trip Help Me 7-inch
SFTRI 409 Lord High Fixers Group Improvisation 10-inch
SFTRI 409 Lord High Fixers Group Improvisation ... That's Music! CD
SFTRI 410 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 411 Baby Lemonade 68% Pure Imagination CD
SFTRI 412 Oblivians Kick Your Ass 7-inch
SFTRI 413 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 414 The Quadrajets I Wanna Do Everything To You 5"
SFTRI 415 The Chubbies Can I Call You Daddy (When We Make Love) 7-inch
SFTRI 416 Thee Mighty Caesars You Are Forgiven 7-inch
SFTRI 417 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 418 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 419 Big Foot Chester Harpoon Man 7-inch
SFTRI 420 Big Foot Chester Devil In Me CD
SFTRI 421 The Shitbirds Famous Recording Artists CD
SFTRI 422 '68 Comeback A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 423 The Dirtbombs High Octane Salvation 7-inch
SFTRI 424 The Vikings Go Berserk! CD
SFTRI 425 Wesley Willis/The Frogs split 7-inch 7-inch
SFTRI 426 Servotron Meet Your Mechanical Masters 7-inch cover art by SHAG
SFTRI 427 The Quadrajets Alabama Hip Shake LP/CD
SFTRI 428 Supernova Our Lips Are Sealed 7-inch
SFTRI 429 Pussy Crush Punk Friction 7-inch
SFTRI 430 Pussy Crush Zero For Sweet Talk CD
SFTRI 431 Dark Carnival The Last Great Ride LP/CD cover art by Niagara
SFTRI 432 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 433 Deadbeats On Parade CD
SFTRI 434 April March & The Makers April March Sings The Songs LP/CD
SFTRI 435 Stinkies Fun To Put Together CD
SFTRI 436 Daredevils Hate You 7-inch
SFTRI 437 Suicide Kings Teenage Disaster LP/CD
SFTRI 438 Monster Truck Five Dry Leaves ... Hot Wire CD
SFTRI 439 The Spaceshits Fullfisted Action 2×7″
SFTRI 440 The Chubbies Play Me CDEP
SFTRI 441 Los Cincos Kissing At The Carnival 7-inch
SFTRI 442 Los Cincos The Five Deadly Sins LP/CD
SFTRI 443 Ultrasonic Attack Wave Pestrepeller CD
SFTRI 444 Destroy All Monsters Silver Wedding Anniversary CD
SFTRI 445 Stool Pigeons I Gotta Dream On 7-inch
SFTRI 446 Stool Pigeons Rule Hermania CD
SFTRI 447 Clawhammer Scuse The Excursion CD
SFTRI 448 Satan's Cheerleaders Electraglide CD cover art by Anthony Ausgang
SFTRI 449 Billy Childish Made With A Passion, Kitchen Demo's LP/CD
SFTRI 450 '68 Comeback The Annex Sessions, Volume One 7-inch
SFTRI 451 '68 Comeback The Annex Sessions, Volume Two 7-inch
SFTRI 452 El Vez with The Memphis Mariachis & The Lovely Elvettes Twentieth Century Boy 5"
SFTRI 453 El Vez A Lad From Spain 10-inch
SFTRI 454 Speed Queens Speed Queens CD
SFTRI 455 The's Bomb the Twist 7-inch
SFTRI 456 April March Paris In April LP/CD
SFTRI 457 International Language International Language CD
SFTRI 458 Guaranteed Ugly Guaranteed Ugly LP/CD
SFTRI 459 E.A.R. Phenomena 256 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 460 Tav Falco & His Panther Burns FZ 4500 ? Disappearing Angels 10-inch/CD
SFTRI 461 The Wildebeests Punk 7-inch
SFTRI 462 The Wildebeests Instrumental Hits 7-inch
SFTRI 463 Thee Headcoatees Punk Girls LP/CD
SFTRI 464 The Muffs I'm A Dick 7-inch
SFTRI 465 Lazy Cowgirls Route 66 shaped disc
SFTRI 466 The Pleasure Fuckers Sexy French Motherfucker 2×7″
SFTRI 467 Destroy All Monsters Paranoid Of Blondes 7-inch
SFTRI 468 Speed Queens Motormouth 7-inch
SFTRI 469 Stool Pigeons Popsicles and Icicles 7-inch
SFTRI 470 The Makers Hip-Notic/Shout On!! CD
SFTRI 471 Holly Golightly Won't Go Out 2×7″
SFTRI 472 The Chubbies Tres Flores LP/CD
SFTRI 473 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 474 Holly Golightly Painted On LP/CD
SFTRI 475 Jack Oblivian American Slang 12-inchEP/CD
SFTRI 476 Rodney & The Tube Tops I Hate The 90's 7-inch
SFTRI 477 Tav Falco & His Panther Burns FZ 2000 1st EP 7-inch
SFTRI 478 The Gun Club Early Warning/Six String Sermon 2×CD
SFTRI 479 Bottle Of Smoke A Wrench In The Monkey Works CD
SFTRI 480 The Chubbies Didjahaftasaythat? 7-inch
SFTRI 481 Geraldine Fibbers What Part Of "Get Thee" CD
SFTRI 482 Kill The Moonlight The Motion Soundtrack CD
SFTRI 483 The Eyeliners Broke My Heart 7-inch
SFTRI 485 Thee Headcoatees Ça Plane Pour Moi 7-inch
SFTRI 486 The Wildebeests Go Wilde In The Countrye CD/LP
SFTRI 487 The Spaceshits By My Side 7-inch
SFTRI 488 The Spaceshits Winter Dance Party LP/CD
SFTRI 489 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 490 The Humpers Plastique Valentine 7-inch
SFTRI 491 April March & Los Cincos April March & Los Cincos LP/CD
SFTRI 492 Los Cincos Experimental CD
SFTRI 493 Spectrum What Came Before CD
SFTRI 494 R.L. Burnside Georgia Women 7-inch
SFTRI 495 Constant Comment/Red Aunts split 7-inch
SFTRI 496 The Cowslingers Spine Snapper 7-inch
SFTRI 497 Desperate Teenage Lovedolls Soundtrack Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD
SFTRI 498 The Pebbles First Album CD
SFTRI 499 Beachbuggy Track Record 160 7-inch
SFTRI 500 Sympathetic Majesties Request Volume 4 CD (As yet Unreleased)
SFTRI 501 Stool Pigeons I'm The One 7-inch
SFTRI 502 Stool Pigeons Gerry Cross The Mersey CD
SFTRI 503 Mad 3 Machineblaster 7-inch
SFTRI 504 Chrome Cranks Dyin' Style 7-inch
SFTRI 505 The Chubbies I Love My Label 7-inch promo cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 506 Holly Golightly Up The Empire (Live) LP/CD
SFTRI 507 Geraldine Fibbers Butch 2×LP
SFTRI 508 The Neckbones Hit Me! 7-inch
SFTRI 509 The Pleasure Fuckers Fuck Deluxe 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 510 The Neptunas Nautipuss 7-inch
SFTRI 511 (Unreleased)
SFTRI 512 The Revelators The Revelators Featuring Walter Daniels 7-inch
SFTRI 513 Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops Head Shop LP/CD
SFTRI 514 Bassholes Bassholes Featuring April March 7-inch
SFTRI 515 The Grown Ups Ode To The B-Dog 7-inch
SFTRI 516 The Grown Ups Milk Carton CD
SFTRI 517 The Banana Erectors Teenage 3K Worker 7-inch
SFTRI 518 The Eyeliners Eyeliner 7-inch
SFTRI 519 Euro Boys Jet Age CD
SFTRI 520 Big Foot Chester Tabernaclin' CD
SFTRI 521 The Embrooks The Embrooks 7-inch
SFTRI 522 Godzik Pink Nursery Lime 7-inch
SFTRI 523 Euro Boys Mr. Wild Guitar 7-inch
SFTRI 524 Royal Pendletons Sore Loser 7-inch
SFTRI 525 Detroit Cobras Mink Rat Or Rabbit LP/CD
SFTRI 526/ Elmore Williams For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter One 7-inch
SFTRI 527/ T-Model Ford For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter Two 7-inch
SFTRI 528/ Frank Roach For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter Three 7-inch
SFTRI 529 Billy Childish & Dan Melchior Devil In The Flesh LP/CD
SFTRI 530 The Masonics Down Among The Dead Men LP/CD
SFTRI 531 Speedball Baby I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Harry Lee 10-inch
SFTRI 532 Royal Pendletons Oh Yeay, Baby: An Intimate Session With America's Favorite Band LP/CD
SFTRI 533 New Bomb Turks Snap Decision 7-inch
SFTRI 534 Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops Pretty Baby 7-inch
SFTRI 535 Jack Oblivian So Low LP/CD
SFTRI 536 The Neptunas Let Them Eat Tuna CD
SFTRI 537 Shine On Sweet Starlet LP/CD
SFTRI 538 Lazy Cowgirls Valentine's Day CDEP
SFTRI 539 Beachbuggy Unsafe At Any Speed CD
SFTRI 540/ Cedell Davis For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter Four 7-inch
SFTRI 541/ Robert Cage For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter Five 7-inch
SFTRI 542/ Junior Kimbrough For The Love Of Jesus - Chapter Six 7-inch
SFTRI 543 Turbonegro Get It On 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 544 Little Porkchop Welcome To ... Little Porkchop LP/CD
SFTRI 545 Bob Log III Daddy Log's Drive-In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes 7-inch
SFTRI 546 The Chubbies What Girls Want 7-inch
SFTRI 547 Oddballs' Band Hangdog Blues 7-inch
SFTRI 548 Rocket from the Crypt RFTC LP
SFTRI 549 The Revillos Totally Alive LP/CD
SFTRI 550 The Deadly Snakes/The Spaceshits split 7-inch
SFTRI 551 Lo-Hi ... Kind Of Like A Feel Good Thing LP/CD
SFTRI 552 Thee Headcoats & His Famous Headcoats Hendrix Was Not The Only Musician LP
SFTRI 553 Buck Buck LP/CD
SFTRI 554 The Eyeliners Rock N Roll, Baby 7-inch
SFTRI 555 The Revillos The Revillos 7-inch
SFTRI 556 Mad 3 Teenage Delinquent LP/CD
SFTRI 557 Buck American Express 7-inch
SFTRI 558 Rocket From The Crypt All Systems Go CD
SFTRI 559 Los Cincos Circa 1995 2×7″/CDEP
SFTRI 560 The Barbarellas Queen Of The Galaxy 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 561 Tav Falco & His Panther Burns Souvenirs 2×LP/2×CD
SFTRI 562 The Deadly Snakes Love Undone LP/CD
SFTRI 563 The Chubbies Your Favourite Everything 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 564 The Spaceshits Misbehavin' LP/CD
SFTRI 565 Turbonegro Apocalypse Dudes LP
SFTRI 566 Electrocutes Steal Yer Lunch Money LP/CD
SFTRI 567 Supersnazz It's Alright 7-inch
SFTRI 568 Supersnazz Diode City LP/CD
SFTRI 569 The Banana Erectors The Banana Erectors LP/CD
SFTRI 570 Compulsive Gamblers Bluff City LP/CD
SFTRI 571 The Banana Erectors Draggin' U.S.A. 7-inch
SFTRI 572 Compulsive Gamblers Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing LP/CD
SFTRI 573 Buck Jerry Hall 7-inch
SFTRI 574 '68 Comeback Love Always Wins LP/CD
SFTRI 575 The Neptunas Hollowgrinders Are Go 7-inch
SFTRI 576 Alright, This Time, Just The Girls 2×LP/2×CD cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 577 The White Stripes The White Stripes LP/CD
SFTRI 578 The White Stripes The Big Three Killed My Baby 7-inch
SFTRI 579 Dan Melchior's Broke Revue This Love Is Real CD
SFTRI 580 Los Cincos Syncopation Syncopation LP/CD
SFTRI 581 Impala Teenage Tupelo Soundtrack LP
SFTRI 582 Billy Childish Crimes Against Music 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 583 Satan's Cheerleaders Mancuso CD
SFTRI 584 Oblivians Best Of The Worst 1993-97 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 585 Buck Taggy Lee's Wedding Song 7-inch
SFTRI 586 Vegas Thunder No One Fucks With Vegas Thunder LP/CD
SFTRI 587 Bassholes The Secret Strength Of Depression LP/CD
SFTRI 588 Lazy Cowgirls Rank Outsider LP/CD
SFTRI 589 The Muffs Hamburger 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 590 '68 Comeback & Oblivians Melissa's Garage Revisited LP/CD
SFTRI 591 Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior Desperate Little Town LP/CD
SFTRI 592 The Muffs No Action 7-inch
SFTRI 593 The Joneses Criminal History CD
SFTRI 594 Vyvyan Teenage Wannabes 10-inch/CD
SFTRI 595 El Vez Son Of A Lad From Spain CD
SFTRI 596 The Wildebeests 'Up Your Pipe With...' 7-inch
SFTRI 597 The Short Fuses Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens 7-inch
SFTRI 598 The Short Fuses Get The Hell Down LP/CD
SFTRI 599 How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute? 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 601 Buck Christmas In My Heart 7-inch
SWA 2002/SFTRI 602 Hot Snakes Automatic Midnight LP/CD
SFTRI 603 The Kirby Grips The Cherry Stem Concertos LP/CD
SFTRI 604 The Hard Feelings Fought Back And Lost LP/CD
SFTRI 605 Lazy Cowgirls Somewhere Down The Line LP/CD
SFTRI 606 The Chubbies American Swagger CD
SFTRI 607 Les Sexareenos Live! In The Bed LP/CD
SFTRI 608 The Come Ons The Come Ons LP/CD
SFTRI 609 The White Stripes De Stijl LP/CD
SFTRI 611 The Upholsterers Makers Of High Grade Suites 7-inch
SFTRI 613 The Vice Principals After School With The Vice Principals LP/CD
SFTRI 614 Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs To Baldly Go ... LP/CD
SFTRI 615 Supernova Pop As A Weapon/More Songs About Hair CD
SFTRI 616 Candypants Candypants LP/CD
SFTRI 617 The Come Ons Whatcha Got? 7-inch
SFTRI 618 Spectrum Spectrum Variations LP/CD
SFTRI 619 The White Stripes Hello Operator 7-inch
SFTRI 619p The White Stripes Hello Operator 7-inch picture disc
SFTRI 620 Me First Sorry Hangover LP/CD
SFTRI 621 Tuuli Rockstar Potential 10-inch/CDEP
SFTRI 623 Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit LP/CD
SFTRI 625 The Banana Erectors You Got That Uh Uh 7-inch
SFTRI 626 Lisa Marr Experiment 4 AM LP/CD
SFTRI 627 The Wildebeests The Wildebeests, She Lives In A Time Of Her Own 7-inch
SFTRI 628 The Daylight Lovers Lyle Sheraton And The Daylight Lovers LP/CD
SFTRI 629 The Secrets Who's Walkin' Who 7-inch
SFTRI 630 The Peeps The Peeps LP/CD
SWA 2005/SFTRI 632 JC2000 JC2000 CD
SWA 2006/SFTRI 633 The Sultans Sultans 4 Track CDEP
SWA 2007/SFTRI 634 The Sultans Ghost Ship LP/CD
SFTRI 635 Detroit Cobras Life, Love And Leaving LP/CD
SFTRI 636 Les Sexareenos 14 Frenzied Shakers LP/CD
SFTRI 637 The Peeps I Like It 7-inch
SFTRI 638 Micky & The Salty Seadogs Salt Water And Whiskey LP/CD
SFTRI 639 Rizzo Phoning It In LP/CD
SFTRI 642 The Black Halos/Tuuli split 7-inch
SFTRI 643 Tearjerkers Bad Moon Rising LP/CD
SFTRI 644 The Buff Medways Tribute To The Daggermen CD
SFTRI 645 The White Stripes Lord, Send Me An Angel 7-inch
SFTRI 646 The Crack Pipes Every Night Saturday Night CD
SFTRI 647 Andy G. And The Roller Kings Andy G. And The Roller Kings 10-inch/CD
SFTRI 648 The Del-Gators Pound Down! LP/CD
SFTRI 649 Mr. Airplane Man Red Lite LP/CD
SFTRI 650 Monsieur Jeffrey Evans I've Lived A Rich Life LP/CD
SFTRI 651 Bantam Rooster Fuck All Y'All LP/CD
SFTRI 652 The Excessories Pure Pop For Punk People CD
SFTRI 653 Les Sexareenos Les Sexareenos 7-inch
SFTRI 654 Reigning Sound Break Up Break Down LP/CD
SFTRI 655 Mr Airplane Man Johnny Johnny 7-inch
SFTRI 656 Reigning Sound Two Sides To Every Man 7-inch
SFTRI 657 Ko And The Knockouts Ko And The Knockouts LP/CD
SFTRI 658 The Von Bondies Lack Of Communication LP/CD
SFTRI 659 The Stuck-Ups The Stuck-Ups LP/CD
SFTRI 660 The White Stripes White Blood Cells LP/CD (tour-edition vinyl)
SFTRI 661 Lazy Cowgirls Here And Now (LIVE!) LP/CD
SFTRI 662P The White Stripes Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground CDS (promo release)
SFTRI 663P V/A It Takes Two, Baby 7-inch promo
SFTRI 664 The Buff Medways Tribute To The Daggermen 7-inch
SFTRI 665 The Beards Funtown CD
SFTRI 666 Rocket From The Crypt On The Prowl 7-inch
SFTRI 667 The Von Bondies It Came From Japan 7-inch
SFTRI 668 Tina And The Total Babes She's So Tuff LP/CD
SFTRI 669 The American Death Ray Welcome To The Incredibly Strange And Erotic World Of The American Death Ray CD
SFTRI 670 The Come Ons Hip Check! LP/CD
SFTRI 671 The Del-Gators Mudpit 7-inch
SWA 2009/SFTRI 673 Beehive & The Barracudas Plastic Soul With The White Apes CD
SFTRI 675 The Scientists Blood Red River 1982-1984 CD
SFTRI 676 El Vez Boxing With God CD
SFTRI 678 The Nomads Up-Tight CD
SFTRI 680 The Lords Of Altamont To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont CD
SFTRI 682 New York Dolls From Paris With Love, L-U-V !! CD
SFTRI 685 Roky Erickson The Evil One (Plus One) 2×CD
SFTRI 686 The Sympathetic Sounds Of Montréal CD
SFTRI 688 The American Death Ray Smash Radio Hits CD
SFTRI 689 The Cool Jerks Cleaned A Lot Of Plates In Memphis LP/CD
SFTRI 690 Mr Airplane Man Moanin' LP/CD
SFTRI 692 The Chubbies New Wave Boyfriends CD
SFTRI 694 The Scientists The Human Jukebox 1984 - 1986 CD
SFTRI 695 The Sympathetic Sounds Of Toe-Rag Vol. 1 LP/CD
SFTRI 696 The Kirby Grips Rotations CD
SFTRI 698 Compulsive Gamblers Live & Deadly-Memphis/Chicago 2×LP/CD
SFTRI 699 Bad Times Bad Times CD
SFTRI 701 South Filthy You Can Name It Yo' Mammy If You Wanna ... CD
SFTRI 702 The Stuck-Ups Human Doll Express CD
SFTRI 705 The Nomads Showdown 2 - The 90's CD
SFTRI 706 Pearlene Pearlene CD
SFTRI 708 The (International) Noise Conspiracy Up For Sale 7-inch/CDS
SFTRI 709 Red Kross Neurotica LP
SFTRI 710 The Fondas Way Down In The Motor City Underworld Coming Now! LP/CD
SFTRI 711 The Downbeat 5 The Downbeat 5 CD
SFTRI 712 Dwarves The Dwarves Must Die LP/CD
SFTRI 713 Root Damage (compilation) 2×LP
SFTRI 713 Root Damage 2×CD cover art by Clayton Brothers
SFTRI 716 Scarling. Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole 7-inch The cover artwork is the painting "wound" by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 717 Cool Jerks Live never released
SFTRI 718 Alright, This Time Just the Girls Vol. 2 various artists 2x 12-inchLP/CD cover art by Camille Rose Garcia
SFTRI 719 Oblivians Rock 'n Roll Holiday-Live in Atlanta CD/LP (limited red vinyl)
SFTRI 720 Down & Out with the Dolls Soundtrack 7-inch cancelled-never released
SFTRI 721 The Bloody Hollies Fire At Will LP/CD
SFTRI 722 Mr Airplane Man C'Mon DJ LP/CD
SFTRI 723 The Fondas Wanna Be 7-inch
SFTRI 724 Wanda Jackson Heart Trouble LP
SFTRI 725 The Longer the Drool the Stranger the Brew, My Dear Various Artists LP/CD never released
SFTRI 726 April March Sometimes When I Stretch + 4 5 track 12-inch
SFTRI 727 Mr Airplane Man Shakin' Around 10-inch
SFTRI 728 Candypants The Happiest Time Of The Year 7-inch
SFTRI 729 Suicide Attempted: Live at Max's Kansas City 1980 CD
SFTRI 730 Miss Derringer King James, Crown Royal & A Colt 45 CD cover art by Elizabeth McGrath
SFTRI 731 Scarling Sweet Heart Dealer CD/LP cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 732 Stan Ridgeway/Pietra Wextun Blood CD cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 733 Scientists Pissed on Another Planet double CD
SFTRI 734 Holly Golightly Down Gina's at 3 CD
SFTRI 735 Tearjerkers Don't Throw Your Love Away LP/CD
SFTRI 736 Reigning Sound Home For Orphans LP/CD
SFTRI 737 The Dwarves Salt Lake City, Go!, Kaotica 7-inch
SFTRI 738 Scarling Crispin Glover/Love Becomes a Ghost 7-inch
SFTRI 739 Scarling Crispin Glover/Art of Pretension 7-inch
SFTRI 740 The Gun Club Miami LP/CD
SFTRI 741 The Gun Club Death Party LP/CD
SFTRI 742 The Gun Club The Las Vegas Story LP/CD
SFTRI 743 The A-Lines One Day 7-inch
SFTRI 744 The A-Lines You Can Touch LP/CD
SFTRI 745 Antoinette 18" Figure (not album) (first Necessaried Toy Foundation release)
SFTRI 746 The Gun Club Walkin' With The Beast 7-inch
SFTRI 747 Katastrophy Wife All Kneel CD/LP Postponed indefinitely - never released
SFTRI 748 Katastrophy Wife Liberty Belle/Butter 7-inch Postponed indefinitely - never released
SFTRI 749 The Muffs Really Really Happy LP
SFTRI 750 The Willowz Are Coming CD
SFTRI 751 Helen Love The Bubblegum Killers EP/CD
SFTRI 752 The Dwarves The Dwarves Must Remix 12-inch EP
SFTRI 753 The Willowz Talk In Circles LP
SFTRI 753 The Willowz Talk In Circles CD
SFTRI 754 Mumps How I Saved the World CD + DVD
SFTRI 755 Scarling./The Willowz split 7-inch
SFTRI 746 Enid High Fashion Glamour Doll 18" Figure (not album) (second Necessaried Toy Foundation release)
SFTRI 757 Matson Jones CD/LP
SFTRI 758 Scarling. So Long Scarecrow CD/LP LP cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 759 Mumps Crocodile Tears/Waiting for the World to Catch Up 7-inch
SFTRI 760 Matson Jones A Little Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone/New York City Fuck Off 7-inch
SFTRI 761 The Dwarves Like You Want + Two Live Tracks 7-inch
SFTRI 762 Danny and the Nightmares Freak Brain CD
SFTRI 763 Eugene Kelly Man Alive CD
SFTRI 764 Jeffrey Lee Pierce Wildweed CD
SFTRI 765 The Gun Club Mother Juno CD
SFTRI 766 Miss Derringer Lullabies CD cover art by Elizabeth McGrath
SFTRI 767 Eugene Kelly You're Having My Sex 7-inch
SFTRI 768 ... ... ...
SFTRI 769 Matson Jones The Albatross... CD EP
SFTRI 770 The Willowz See in Squares DVD
SFTRI 771 Jack Off Jill Clear Hearts Grey Flowers LP cover art by Mark Ryden
SFTRI 772 Jack Off Jill Humid Teenage Mediocrity CD
SFTRI 773 Scarling. "Staring to the Sun" 7-inch
SFTRI 774 Detroit Cobras Lost and Found CD/LP
SFTRI 775 The Fondas Runaway Bombshell LP/CD
SFTRI 776 The Ettes Dead And Gone 7-inch
SFTRI 777 The Fondas Make You Mine 7-inch
SUCK 8 Jackknife I Won't Be Home For Christmas 7-inch co-release with Sympathy For The Record Industry (no cat. number for SFTRI)
SFTRI 778 Jack O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers Flipside Kid CD
SFTRI 779 The Ettes Shake the Dust CD/LP
SFTRI 780 Veruca Salt IV CD/LP
SFTRI 781 The Ettes/The Fondas From the Songbook of Greg Cartwright Promo 7-inch

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