Symbols of Queensland

Queensland is one of the states of Australia. It has adopted several state symbols and emblems.[1]

Symbol Name Image Adopted Remarks
State Flag Flag of Queensland
Flag of Queensland
State Badge State Badge of Queensland
State Badge of Queensland
29 November 1876
State Coat of arms Coat of arms of Queensland
Coat of Arms of Queensland
1893 Queen Victoria granted the Queensland Coat of Arms to the Colony of Queensland in 1893, making it the oldest State Arms in Australia.[2] It depicts Queensland's primary industries in the 19th century with a sheaf of wheat, the heads of a bull and a ram, and a column of gold rising from a heap of quartz. Two stalks of sugar cane which surround the state badge at the top, and below is Queensland’s state motto, Audax at Fidelis, which means "Bold but Faithful". In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II granted the supporting animals, the brolga and the red deer.[2][3]
State Motto Audax at Fidelis
Bold but Faithful
1893 Granted with other elements of the coat of arms
State Colour Maroon   13 November 2003 In November 2003 maroon was officially named as Queensland's state colour, after many years of association with Queensland sporting teams (most notably the Brisbane Broncos)
State Aquatic Emblem[4] Barrier reef anemonefish
(Amphiprion akindynos)
Barrier reef anemonefish
8 March 2005
State Faunal Emblem Koala
(Phascolarctos cinereus)
1971 The koala was officially named the animal or faunal, emblem of Queensland in 1971, after a newspaper poll showed strong public support. The Queensland Government introduced the poll due to a proposal by state tourism ministers for all states to adopt a faunal emblem.[3]
State Bird Emblem Brolga
(Grus rubicunda)
1986 In January 1986 that the brolga was announced as the official bird emblem of Queensland, after many years on the Coat of Arms.[3]
State Floral Emblem Cooktown orchid
(Dendrobium phalaenopsis)
Cooktown orchid
1959 The Cooktown orchid became known as Queensland's floral emblem in 1959, during celebrations to mark the state's centenary.[5][6]
State Gem Sapphire
August 1985 The sapphire, of any colour, is the state’s gem emblem.
Corporate identity Queensland Government Logo August 2012
Tartan Queensland Tartan 1995 Designed by Jack Allen using seven basic colours to depict the State of Queensland. Colours: white represents the small amount of cloud in the winter time; azure represents the clear blue winter sky; royal blue represents the Coral Sea, blue in Hervey Bay, Whitsunday Passage and Hinchinbrook; yellow represents the tropical beaches of Queensland, sun and sand; green represents the mountain forests, hardwood forests, pine forests, the grazing fields and farms; lilac represents the flowers of the sugar cane; crimson represents the State's floral emblem, the Cooktown Orchid.[7][8]

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