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The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council (Swedish: Finanspolitiska rådet) is a Swedish government agency organized under the Ministry of Finance tasked with providing an independent evaluation of the Government's fiscal policy. It was established in Stockholm 2007, to review and assess the extent to which the fiscal and economic policy objectives decided on by the Riksdag are being met. Objectives include long-term sustainability of public finances and economic growth, maintaining a target surplus, staying below the expenditure ceiling set by the Riksdag, and a consistent fiscal policy. The Council also promote a public debate on economic policy, and evaluate economic forecasts on which economic assessments by the Government are based. This is primarily done with the annual publication of a report, through conferences, and studies on the Swedish fiscal policy.[1][2][3]


Annual reportEdit

The Council publishes an annual independent evaluation of the Government's fiscal policy, presented to the Minister for Finance. It's available on-line in English.

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