Swapnakoodu (transl. Nest of dreams) is a 2003 Indian Malayalam-language romantic comedy film directed by Kamal and written by Iqbal Kuttippuram and Kamal from a story by Kamal. It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya, Meera Jasmine and Bhavana. The film's score and soundtrack were composed by Mohan Sithara. The film performed well at the box office, it was the third highest-grossing Malayalam film of the year, behind Balettan and CID Moosa.[1][2]

Directed byKamal
Produced byP. Rajan
Screenplay byIqbal Kuttippuram
Story byKamal
StarringPrithviraj Sukumaran
Kunchacko Boban
Meera Jasmine
Music byMohan Sithara
CinematographyP. Sukumar
Edited byK. Rajagopal
Vaisakha Movies
Distributed byLal Release
Release date
  • 5 September 2003 (2003-09-05)
Running time
160 minutes


The movie revolves around three young men, Deepu , Alex aka Kunjunju and Ashtamoorthy having three different personalities.Deepu (Kunchacko Boban) is a calm and cool guy who is never able to express his true feelings, Kunjunju (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a flirt who makes a pass at every girl he meets and Ashtamoorthy (Jayasurya) is a funny person who does not take anything serious. They reach Pondicherry to do their Hotel Management course and their friend Abbas (Vijeesh), arranges the top floor of a house for them to stay. The house is owned by Sophy (Kalaranjini) and she stays there with her two daughters Kamala (Meera Jasmine) and Padma (Bhavana).

Their friend Abbas finds them a suitable accommodation, they had to share a house as paying guests where a mother and her two daughters are staying. On the day of joining, all three introduced themselves and Padma on hearing Ashtamoorthy's name calls him a funny name "Kashtamoorthy". Deepu deeply falls in love with Kamala, but could not express it. Kunjunju and Ashtamoorthy too fall in love with her. However when Kunjunju started up his feelings for Kamala, she threatens him with a knife, not to molest her. But experienced Kunjunju ignored her. Deep dreamt of Kamala even in his thoughts. One day, Ashtamoorthy skips his work by pretending to be suffering from a Kidney Stone. Even though Kunjunju and Deepu knew that he was acting, Sophy allowed to take rest for a day. So Moorthy reached home and started flirting with Kamala in the absence of Kunjunju and Deepu. He pretended to be expert in making French food and when he was about to serve it to some French guests, Kunjunju and Deepu understood that Moorthy was trying to win the heart of Kamala. In order to avoid Moothy from this, Kunjunju and Deepu made him the Rakhi brother of Kamala.

But Kunjunju and Deepu continued to win the heart of Kamala, but did not know about each other. One day Chandramathi (Poornima Anand), the owner of the area and her husband Suku (Lishoy) comes to their house. Chandramathi ordered them to immediately leave the house as they could not pay their rent. Suku is a naive man who has to follow Chandramathi and he cannot speak openly. Disappointed Sophy collapses due to a heart attack and gets hospitalised. Abbas informs Kunjunju, Deepu and Moorthy that Sophy had passed away. When the three reach the hospital, the see the heartbroken Kamala and Padma. That evening the merciless Chandramathi gave them a week more to stay over there. Abbas rebukes Chandramathi because of the pain of children after death of their mother. But as Kunjunju, Deepu and Moorthy could not tolerate seeing the sisters in sad faces, they comfort both and all go for a trip to refresh their lives.

Then Philippose (Cochin Haneefa) comes to their house from Chennai to see their nieces and to take some of his valuable items like a dress which he had left there long before. But he gets thrown out by Kinjunju, Deepu and Moorthy for disturbing Padma and Kamala. Kunjunju could not control his feelings for Kamala and on trying to express it, Kamala accidentally fractures his leg which left him paralysed for two weeks. Kamala ordered Deepu and Moorthy to keep an eye on him as she thought it is not safe to leave a flirt like Kunjunju with a mature girl like Kamala.

One day as Deepu and Moorthy had gone for work, Kunjunju goes to Kamala's house to express his love towards her. When Deepu calls Kunjunju he lies that he had not got up from bed where he was lying. But Kamala, who saw this as a chance to avoid Kunjunju, says to Deepu that Kunjunju was disturbing her. Suspicious, Deepu goes with Moorthy to Kamala's house to find that Kunjunju was behaving badly with Kamala. Enraged, Deepu beats Kunjunju nearly forgetting his condition. Kamala orders the three to leave the house in order to avoid a noise in their area. Disappointed, the trio leaves the house as a result. But Deepu did not go with Moorthy and Kunjunju and goes to Abbas's hpuse in a cycle rikshaw while Moorthy and Kunjunju takes a room in a hotel. Moorthy knew that Kunjunju is not a person like Kamala and Deepu thought and decides to bring them together. That night Kunjunju saw Deepu standing at a beach. When Deepu disclosed about his love to Kunjunju, he got shocked as he too loved Kamala madly. So Kunjunju decides to sacrifice his love for Deepu and the next day he tells Deepu to go jogging and express his love to Kamala. Deepu goes jogging and saw Kamala on his way. When Kamala gave him a flower said that she had no problem with them, Deepu finds out that it was actually Padma who came instead of Kamala as she had headache. On his way back he gives the flower to a small girl. When Padma reached home she purposefully rebuked Kunjunju calling him bad words in front of Kamala to test her love towards Kunjunju. Then she came to know that Kamala is actually in love with Kunjunju, not Deepu.

When Kunjunju asked if Deepu had expressed his feelings to Kamala, Kunjunju said the truth, that Padma came instead of Kamala. In the evening while Kunjunju, Moorthy and Deepu were in a restaurant, Kunjunju receives a call from Padma that Kamala wants to meet him and express her feelings for him. However Kunjunju couldn't cheat Deepu and decides to go and see her. As a result both saw each other and when Kamala expressed her feelings to Kunjunju, he was in a joy at first but in a moment thinking Deepu, he stops Kamala and just said that he was just pretending his love to her. Kamala broke down in tears and goes away. When Moorthy asked Kunjunju why had he done this to make her pained, Kunjunju said that it was for Deepu he had done everything. However he still couldn't control his pain. Then he decides to forget her love forever. But as the time approached the three to leave Pondicherry, they including Kamala and Padma go for an outing for their last and final reunion. Padma told everyone to get separated happily instead of being in a sorrow. So they all started singing and dancing. However when Moorthy and Padma danced finally Padma accidentally falls from a huge rock and dies. This left Kamala in tears and she is now all alone.

The next day Kunjunju, Moorthy and Deepu are in an arrangement to leave the place. Kunjunju uses his chance to unite Deepu and Kamala and tells him to call her back. But Kamala was not ready to leave her home. She gives her last bunch of flowers to Deepu and all three leave. Out of control, Kunjunju forcefully said Deepu to stop the car as Kamala is the girl he loved. Deepu who came to know by Moorthy that Kamala actually loved Kunjunju rebukes him and finally goes to call her. But on reaching there they were informed that Philippose had taken her to Kamathipura, his native place in Channai. So the three men rushed to Kamathipura in search of Philippose and on finding him all the three thrash him. Philippose takes them to Kamala whom he takes care of like his own daughter. Initially, Kamala fights with Kunjunju, but later accepts his love. All of them leave to Kerala. On their return, Deepu visits the house where he usually gives the flowers. The small girl takes the flowers and asks him to wait. A beautiful lady (Laila) comes from the balcony smiling indicating that she will become the unknown lover of Deepu.



The soundtrack features six songs composed by Mohan Sithara, with lyrics by Kaithapram.

Box officeEdit

The film was a commercial success and run over 100 days. It was the third highest-grossing Malayalam film of the year, behind Balettan and CID Moosa.[1][2]


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