Suvraga Khairkhan

The Suvraga Khairkhan (Mongolian: Суврага хайрхан, stupa holy mountain) is a mountain of the Khangai Mountains range in the Tsenkher, Arkhangai Province in Mongolia. It has an elevation of 3,179 metres (10,430 ft) and is considered a regional sacred mountain.

Suvraga Khairkhan
Highest point
Elevation3,179 m (10,430 ft) [1]
Coordinates47°3′22″N 101°21′57″E / 47.05611°N 101.36583°E / 47.05611; 101.36583Coordinates: 47°3′22″N 101°21′57″E / 47.05611°N 101.36583°E / 47.05611; 101.36583[1]
Parent rangeKhangai Mountains

The Suvraga Khairkhan is the pivotal point between the watersheds of the Orkhon, Tamir and Tsetserleg rivers, with the main source of the Orkhon right at its foot to the south, and tributaries of the other two to the west and north.


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