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Sutton, originally de Sutton, is an English toponymic surname.[1] One origin is from Anglo-Saxon where it is derived from sudh, suth,[2] or suð,[3] and tun referring to the generic placename "southern farm".[4] Note that almost every county in England contains one or more placenames bearing the prefix "Sutton".[5] The Domesday Book (1086) contains the first recorded spelling of the surname as "Ketel de Sudtone"; "Suttuna" also appeared in 1086 in records from Ely, Cambridgeshire.[2] In 1379 tax records, the surname appears as "de Sutton" ("of Southtown").[2] One source refers to the origin as being Anglo-Norman, with the name itself derived as described above, from Anglo-Saxon terms.[6]

Related surnames include early variants "de Sudtone" (1086),[2] "Suttuna" (1086),[2] "de Sutton" (1379),[2] and "de Sutun".[6] Additional variants include "Suton" and "Suttone".[5]

The Sutton are ancestors to the Dudley.

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