Surpratap Shah

Surapratap Shah (Nepali: सुरप्रताप शाह) or Surya Pratap Shah (Nepali: सूर्यप्रताप शाह) was a prince of the Gorkha Kingdom. He was active during the Unification of Nepal led by his brother, King Prithvi Narayan Shah.[1]

Surpratap Shah
Prince of Gorkha
BornGorkha Kingdom
Nepaliसूर्यप्रताप शाह
DynastyShah dynasty
FatherNara Bhupal Shah

He participated in the Battle of Kirtipur and the Battle of Makwanpur.[2][3] He command the Battle of Kirtipur, in the battle, he lost his left eye, which led people to call him "a blind man".[4][5]

Shah also held the title of Kaji.[2] In the early 1970s, Shah went into exile in the Tanahun Kingdom, after Prithvi Narayan Shah and Surpratap had quarreled.[6] This led to Prithvi Narayan Shah invading Tanahun.[6]

Kirtipur War Memorial Park, an under-construction park, is set to depict the Battle of Kirtipur, and it is planned to show Surpratap Shah being struck by an arrow.[7]


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