Supa Nate

Nathaniel Elder,[1] better known by his stage name Supa Nate, is one of the rappers in the hip-hop group Konkrete. He grew up in Atlanta, where he attended Banneker High School.[2] He made his debut in 1998 on "Nathaniel" on OutKast's Aquemini, in which he delivered an original rap, sans back beat, from a jail telephone. The lyrics reference his wish to get out of jail so he can "grab a mic and bust a flow." After his release, Nate joined with rappers C-Bone And Lil' Brotha to form Konkrete.

Cynt The Shrimp split from Konkrete's Nathaniel "Supa Nate" Elder in December 2006. Cynthia, Cynt The Shrimp, was featured on Big Boi's Got Purp? Vol. 2, "Purple Ribbon (Interlude)".[3]

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