Summer Impressions of Planet Z

Summer Impressions of Planet Z (Russian: Летние впечатления о планете Z, romanizedLetniye vpechatleniya o planete Z) is a 1986 Soviet two-part science-fiction film directed by Evgeniy Markovsky. Yuri Tomin wrote the script loosely based on his 1979 book Carousel Over the City ("Incident in Kuleminsk").[1]

Summer Impressions of Planet Z
Directed byEvgeniy Markovsky
Written byYuri Tomin
Music bySergei Slonimsky
CinematographyKonstantin Remishevsky
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
120 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


Felix, a 12-year-old boy from outer space, during the summer holidays gets admitted into a summer children's sports camp. Few people know in the camp that Felix is not there by chance, and a few days ago he was created in a school laboratory because a space intellect sent him as an agent to planet earth to study humans. He is assisted by an ordinary boy Boris and a teacher who explains Felix local traditions and customs.


  • Arnas Katinas – Felix Schastlivtsev, an alien
  • Giedrius Puskunigis – Borya Kulikov
  • Sergey Shakurov – Aleksey Pavlovich Mukhin, teacher of physics
  • Vadim Gems – Eduard Mikhailovich, hairdresser—detective
  • Galina Makarova – Marivanna, cleaner
  • Dmitry Matveyev – Vasyushkin
  • Dmitry Kharatyan – Andrei Morkovkin, soloist of the group "Astronauts", author and director of the rock opera "14 floors of solitude"
  • Irina Efremova – Lilja Librarian
  • Irina Zhangarova – doctor
  • Dmitry Iosifov – drummer of the group "Astronauts"
  • Dmitry Taradaikin
  • Konstantin Remishevsky
  • Igor Taradaikin – Kapustin
  • Sergey Biryukov – Serega Kulikov, brother of Boris
  • Rostislav Shmyrev – seller
  • Zhenya Tumilovich – baby Felix
  • Kolya Markovsky – young Felix


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