Sultan Kudarat's 1st congressional district

Sultan Kudarat's 1st congressional district is one of the two congressional districts of the Philippines in the province of Sultan Kudarat. It has been represented in the House of Representatives since 2007.[3] It was created after the 2006 reapportionment that divided the province into two congressional districts.[4] The district is composed of the provincial capital, Isulan, its largest city, Tacurong, and the eastern municipalities of Columbio, Lambayong, Lutayan and President Quirino. It is currently represented in the 18th Congress by Bai Rihan M. Sakaluran of the National Unity Party (NUP).[5]

Sultan Kudarat's 1st congressional district
for the House of Representatives of the Philippines
Sultan Kudarat in Philippines.svg
Location of Sultan Kudarat within the Philippines
ProvinceSultan Kudarat
Population403,706 (2015)[1]
Electorate231,471 (2019)[2]
Major settlements
Area2,327.08 km2 (898.49 sq mi)
Current constituency
RepresentativeRihan M. Sakaluran
Political party  NUP
Congressional blocMajority

Representation historyEdit

# Member Term of office Congress Party Electoral history Constituent
Start End

Sultan Kudarat's 1st district for the House of Representatives of the PhilippinesEdit

District created October 2, 2006 from Sultan Kudarat's at-large district.[4]
1 Pax Mangudadatu June 30, 2007 June 30, 2010 14th Lakas–CMD Elected in 2007. 2007–present
Columbio, Isulan, Lambayong, Lutayan, President Quirino, Tacurong
2 Raden C. Sakaluran June 30, 2010 June 30, 2016 15th Independent Elected in 2010.
16th Re-elected in 2013.
3 Suharto T. Mangudadatu June 30, 2016 June 30, 2019 17th NUP Elected in 2016.
4 Rihan M. Sakaluran June 30, 2019 Incumbent 18th NUP Elected in 2019.

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