Sue Kreitzman is an American-British outsider artist, curator, cookbook author, and television chef.[1]

Biography edit

Kreitzman was born in Washington Heights, New York.[2] She is married to Steve, a research director at the Howard Foundation.[3] They have one son. She lives in East London and New York.[4][5]

Career edit

She was a fourth-grade teacher, chef, and food writer before becoming an artist.[6] She worked in the Georgia public school system in the late 60s, during integration, and was the first white teacher in an all-black school.[7] While on maternity leave with her son, Kreitzman began cooking, ultimately choosing to leave her teaching career and become a cook. She wrote 27 cooking books and food articles for major publications.[8]

Kreitzman joined Britain’s Outsider Art scene when she was 58 years old,[9] painting with nail polish and using abandoned scraps and items to create her art. She is a member of the Colour Tribe at Spitafields Market, a group of East London artists.[10] Her own clothing is made from fabrics curated at flea markets and second-hand shops.[11]

Exhibits and public appearances edit

She showed at her first exhibit in 2005 at the Raw Arts Festival.[12] at the Candid Arts Trust in Central London.[13] In 2008, she curated and formed the Wild Old Woman (WOW) exhibit in Novas Gallery, bringing together 14 self-taught older female artists.[14]

In 2012, she curated the Dare to Wear exhibit in the Crypt of St Pancras Church in London.[7]

Kreitzman was featured in Fabulous Fashionistas[15][16] and the Bright Old Things campaign for Selfridges,[17] with an installation facing Regent’s Street and Oxford Street.[18] In 2019, she showed her art at the Voices of East London store in Bicester Village in King’s Cross.[19]

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