Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender

Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender (潜水艦イ-57降伏せず, Sensuikan I-57 kofuku sezu) is a 1959 Japanese war film directed by Shūe Matsubayashi.

Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender
Directed byShūe Matsubayashi
Produced byShiro Horie, Toho
Written byTakeshi Kimura
Katsuya Susaki
Music byIkuma Dan
CinematographyTaiichi Kankura
Edited byYoshitami Kuroiwa
Distributed byToho
Release date
1959 (Japan)
Running time
104 minutes

Special effects were made by Eiji Tsuburaya.


In World War II, the commanding officer of a sub, against his will takes on board two Western diplomats, to take them to the Canaries and arrange an armistice. When they get there, peace has been declared, but the sub's crew don't know as their radio has failed. They send their passengers ashore and go out to face a final battle.


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