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Style is the sixth studio album by Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro and her first in over three years. This album follows her crossover into R&B/Hip-Hop from the Suite Chic project. Although Amuro has always dabbled with R&B beats, this is her first solo album to predominantly feature the actual style. First editions of the album included two bonus tracks, "So Crazy (Mad Bear Mix)" and "Wishing on the Same Star (Movie Version)."

Style (Namie Amuro album) cover art.jpg
Studio album by
Released10 December 2003
RecordedBaybridge Studio, Bazooka Studio, Bunkamura Studio, Maruni Studio, On Air Azabu Studio, Rojam Studio
LabelAvex Trax
Namie Amuro chronology
Love Enhanced Single Collection
Queen of Hip-Pop
Singles from Style
  1. "Wishing on the Same Star"
    Released: 11 September 2002
  2. "Shine More"
    Released: 5 March 2003
  3. "Put 'Em Up"
    Released: 16 July 2003
  4. "So Crazy/Come"
    Released: 16 October 2003

Style is also the first Amuro album not to be produced by Tetsuya Komuro since her Super Monkeys days, as well as her last collaboration with producer Dallas Austin to date.



The emphasis of the album is R&B/Hip-Hop but the album still features some pop songs. Amuro explained that the inclusion of certain styles of songs were for variety. The album also contains several cover songs. The song "Indy Lady" is a cover of American R&B artist, Toni Estes' "Independent Lady." Other songs previously recorded by other artists include "Come" (originally by Sophie Monk), "As Good As" (also recorded by WhatFor) and "Wishing on the Same Star" (originally by Keedy). The song "Put 'Em Up" which was released as the second single preceding the album is slightly edited from its original form. Instead of fading out, the song comes to an abrupt end. "Lovebite" is a collaboration with Takuro of the Japanese rock band Glay. Takuro and Amuro had previously spoken about collaborating years ago and they finally had an opportunity with this album. "Four Seasons" was used as the theme song to the third InuYasha motion picture, Swords of an Honorable Ruler. The song "Come" has also been used as the 7th ending theme for InuYasha.

Style is Amuro's lowest ranking and selling album. Before the release of the album, Amuro launched her largest tour at the time, Namie Amuro So Crazy Tour featuring Best Singles 2003-2004. Due to the nature of the tour, she only performed the singles from the new album. Ultimately, many of the songs from the album have never been performed to a public audience. She did tour the actual album for an exclusive fan club tour in 2004 that was not open to the public.

The album represents a major shift in Amuro's musical direction, and would set the tone for all of the singer's subsequent releases. AllMusic described the album as "marginally more gritty," taking Amuro "closer in sound to her musical idol, Janet Jackson."[1]

Track listingEdit

1."Namie's Style"T.Kura, MichicoT.Kura, MichicoT.Kura4:03
2."Indy Lady" (featuring Zeebra)Teddy Riley
Japanese lyrics Yuji Toriumi, Zeebra
Teddy RileyTeddy Riley5:19
3."Put 'Em Up"Dallas Austin, Jasper Cameron
Japanese lyrics Michico
Dallas AustinDallas Austin4:03
4."So Crazy"Full Force, Jennifer "JJ" Johnson
Japanese lyrics Michico
Rap Tiger
Full Force, Jennifer "JJ" JohnsonCobra Endo4:34
5."Don't Lie to Me"Jeff Lorber, Jeff Pescetto
Japanese lyrics Yuji Toriumi
Jeff Lorber, Jeff PescettoJeff Lorber, Jeff Pescetto3:42
7."Four Seasons"JusmeMonkMonk3:47
8."Fish" (featuring Verbal & Arkitec)Jusme, VerbalMonkMonk4:27
9."Gimme More"Ivan Johnson, Sylvia Bennett Smith
Japanese lyrics Namie Amuro
Ivan Johnson, Sylvia Bennett SmithCobra Endo3:24
10."As Good As"Nicolas Molinder, Joakim Persson, Pelle Anckarberg
Japanese lyrics Kenko-p
Nicolas Molinder, Joakim Persson, Pelle AnckarbergCobra Endo3:28
11."Shine More"Scott Nickoley, Sandra Pires, Paul Taylor
Japanese lyrics H.U.B.
Scott Nickoley, Sandra Pires, Paul TaylorCobra Endo3:39
12."Come"Kask, Mansson, Cunnah
Japanese lyrics Yuriko Mori
Kask, Mansson, CunnahCobra Endo4:34
13."Wishing on the Same Star"Diane Warren
Japanese lyrics Kenko-p
Diane WarrenMasaki Iehara4:58
Exclusive bonus tracks
14."So Crazy" (Mad Bear Mix)Full Force, Jennifer "JJ" Johnson
Japanese lyrics Michico
Rap Tiger
Full Force, Jennifer "JJ" Johnson4:26
15."Wishing on the Same Star" (Movie Version)Diane Warren
Japanese lyrics Kenko-p
Diane Warren3:12


  • Namie Amuro - vocals, background vocals
  • Arkitec - vocals
  • Verbal - vocals
  • Zeebra - vocals
  • Mr. Blistah - additional vocals
  • Clench - additional vocals
  • Coyass - additional vocals
  • Kareb James - background vocals
  • L.L. Brothers - background vocals
  • Yuko Kawai - background vocals
  • Michico - background vocals
  • Dave Cleveland - electric guitar
  • Cobra Endo - multiple instruments
  • Ron Harris - multiple instruments
  • Jeff Lorber - keyboard, guitar
  • Monk - multiple instruments
  • Murayama-Kishiyama Strings - strings (bonus track: Wishing On The Same Star [Movie Version])
  • Jeff Pescetto - guitar
  • Yasuharu Nakanishi - piano (bonus track: Wishing On The Same Star [Movie Version])


  • Producers - Full Force, Dallas Austin, T.Kura, Michico, Teddy Riley
  • Arrangement - Akira, Dallas Austin, Cobra Endo, Masaki Iehara, T.Kura, Monk, Teddy Riley
  • String Arrangement - Tatsuya Murayama
  • Mixing - Rob Chiarelli, Kevin "KD" Davis, Junya Endo, T.Kura, Peter Mokran, Koji Morimoto, Yoshiaki Onishi, Teddy Riley, David Z.
  • Vocal Direction - Akira, Mayumi Harada, Daisuke Imai, T.Kura, Michico, Kenji Sano
  • Remixing - Mad Bear Sound System (bonus track: So Crazy[Mad Bear Mix])
  • Photography - Kazunali Tajima
  • Art Direction - Tyg


Album - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
10 December 2003 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 3
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 4 221,874 23 weeks
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 67

Singles - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Single Chart Peak Position
11 September 2002 "Wishing on the Same Star" Oricon Daily Singles Chart 2
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 2
5 March 2003 "Shine More" Oricon Daily Singles Chart 4
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 8
16 July 2003 "Put 'Em Up" Oricon Daily Singles Chart 7
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 7
14 October 2003 "So Crazy" Oricon Daily Singles Chart 3
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 8

Total Single Sales: 290,118

Total Album and Single Sales: 511,992

RIAJ certificationEdit

"Style" has been certified platinum for shipments of over 250,000 by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.[2]


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