Strange Planet

Strange Planet is a 1999 Australian comedy directed by Emma-Kate Croghan and starring Claudia Karvan. It was Croghan's follow up to Love and Other Catastrophes and used many of the same cast and crew.[2][3]

Strange Planet
Directed byEmma-Kate Croghan
Produced byStavros Kazantzidis
Bruno Charlesworth
Written byEmma-Kate Croghan
Stavros Kazantzidis
StarringClaudia Karvan
Naomi Watts
Tom Long
Felix Williamson
Hugo Weaving
Alice Garner
Aaron Jeffery
CinematographyJustin Brinkle
Premium Movie Partnership
Showtime Australia
Strange Planet
NSW Film and Television Office
Australian Film Finance Corporation
Distributed byNew Vision Films
Release date
  • 7 October 1999 (1999-10-07)
Box officeA$377,615[1]


The film explores the lives of three male friends and three female friends over the course of one year. Judy has an affair with her married boss. Sally is a party girl open to all experiences. Alice is morally strict but feels stuck.

Ewan is a lawyer who hates the law. Joel is left by his wife. Neil is desperate for love.



At one stage it was planned that the film would be shot at the same time as another movie, Revolver which would be directed by Emma Kate Crogan while Stavros Kazantzidis would make Strange Planet. However, in the end Crogan directed Planet and Revolver was never made.[4]


The film was a commercial disappointment and as of 2019 Croghan has not directed another feature film.[5]


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