Stop Cyberbullying Day is an international awareness day launched by the Cybersmile Foundation[1] on 17 June 2012, which takes place on the third Friday in June annually. The day encouraged social media users around the world to ‘be nice online’ and show their support for the campaign on Twitter using the #StopCyberbullyingDay hashtag. The next Stop Cyberbullying Day will be held on 20 June 2016.

To mark the day in 2012, the Cybersmile Foundation released research that revealed that 92% UK teachers have come across cyberbullying at some point during their career, with 78% revealing that they have personally experienced cyberbullying, whether directed at themselves, their students or other members of staff.[2][3]


Political supportEdit

Stop Cyberbullying Day is supported by the UK parliament through an Early Day Motion[4][5] which calls on the House of Commons to note the growing problem of cyberbullying and the threats it can pose to the health, wellbeing and safety of children and young people; and support the Cybersmile Foundation to raise awareness through the launch of Stop Cyberbullying Day on 21 June 2013.[6][7]

June 2013 celebrity ambassadorEdit

In June 2013, dancer Danielle Peazer acted as the celebrity ambassador for Stop Cyberbullying Day, completing media interviews[8][9][10] and taking part in a Twitter Q&A.[11]


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