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The Stichopodidae are a family of sea cucumbers, part of the order Synallactida.[1]

Thelenota ananas.jpg
Thelenota ananas
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Holothuroidea
Order: Synallactida
Family: Stichopodidae
Haeckel, 1896

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Description and characteristicsEdit

Members of this family are mostly large or medium-sized holothuroids with a squarish cross-section, a flat ventral surface, and large, fleshy, cone-shaped projections. Their mouths are surrounded by 20 peltate tentacles. They are usually found on soft substrates, such as sand or rubble.[2]

A typical stichopodid (Stichopus herrmanni) — massive sea cucumber, angular in cross-section, with thick papillae looking like tubercles.


List of genera according to the World Register of Marine Species:

  • genus Apostichopus Liao, 1980 (8 species, North Pacific)
  • genus Astichopus Clark, 1922 (1 species, Caribbean)
  • genus Australostichopus Levin in Moraes et al., 2004 (1 species, New Zealand and southern Australia)
  • genus Diploperideris Brandt, 1835 (1 species, nomen dubium)
  • genus Eostichopus Cutress & Miller, 1982 (1 species, Caribbean)
  • genus Isostichopus Deichmann, 1958 (3 species, warm East Pacific and Atlantic)
  • genus Neostichopus Deichmann, 1948 (1 species, South Africa)
  • genus Parastichopus Clark, 1922 (2 species, Atlantic and North Pacific)
  • genus Stichopus Brandt, 1835 (13 species, Indo-Pacific)
  • genus Thelenota Brandt, 1835 (3 species, Indo-Pacific)


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