List of All Saints characters

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This is a List of All Saints characters featuring all the main/permanent character, as well as the actors that portrayed them and a brief character synopsis, relating to the Australian medical drama All Saints.

Main castEdit

Character Actor Position Duration Episodes
Jazmina Hillerman Sam Healy Ward Clerk February 1998 – April 1999 001–052
Jaz was the only main cast member on All Saints that did not have a medical profession. She was also the first main cast member to leave the show. Jaz was date raped and fell pregnant shortly before she left the show, choosing to have an abortion. After coming face to face with her rapist again after he tried to commit suicide she decided to go back to TAFE and get her HSC so she could get on with her life.[1]
Dr. Peter Morrison Andrew McKaige Senior Psychiatric Registrar February 1998 – April 1999 001–053
Close friend of Terri, he lost his wife in a car accident. Bonding with Sophie Williams she kissed him and he resisted realizing he had feelings for Terri. He ended up disabled after Sophie Williams shot him while struggling with the gun before she committed suicide. After struggling it for a while he seemed to be well on the way to recovery and resigned, deciding to head up north to visit his parents.
Stephanie Markham Kirrily White Registered Nurse, Ward 17 2IC February 1998 – July 2000 001–106
Steph was Terri's 2IC in Ward 17. She is very controlling and likes to have everything in order, like her mother. At the start of the series Steph wants to become a Doctor, and doesn't want to have children even though she has been married to Ben for several years. She was very focused on her career and her patients. She gets pregnant although it ends up being an ectopic pregnancy. She is not sad when she loses the baby, and later feels guilty over this. She and Ben split up for a brief period because of their different views, however they get back together and Steph is more eager to have a baby, she later has another miscarriage. Steph eventually dies in a terrible car accident from internal bleeding.
Connor Costello Jeremy Cumpston Registered Nurse, Ward 17 2IC February 1998 – September 2001 001–157
Connor was a nurse in Ward 17 and later became 2IC, and NUM in Terri's absence, after Steph's death. Connor lived with his two best friends, Bron and Jared for several years. Connor was in love with his best friend, Bron, for many years before he decided to tell her, however she did not feel the same way. Connor eventually fell in love with Jodi Horner and she followed him to England after he went over there for a job opportunity.
Bronwyn Craig Libby Tanner Registered Nurse, Ambulance Officer February 1998 – March 2003 001–218
Bron started as a nurse on Ward 17. After a dispute with her father she left Ward 17 and became a Paramedic and worked alongside Ben Markham. Bron started as the girl who always had a new boyfriend before falling inlove with Luke. After Ben's wife died, Bron was there for him...leaving less time for Luke. Luke dumps Bron and starts having an affair with the CEO of the hospital. After a lot of buildup Ben and Bron start dating and eventually get engaged. Bron takes some time off before the wedding and heads overseas. When Bron comes back from her overseas stay she tells Ben that she had an affair in the UK, Ben feels betrays and calls off the engagement. Bron is still in love with Ben and Ben (who has always wanted children) started dating Paula (who has a son Max and looks like his dead wife). Ben eventually calls off his romance with Paula obviously still inlove with Bron, they get re-engaged and married. Ben is offered a promotion, so they both leave All Saints and move to the country.
Ben Markham Brian Vriends Ambulance Officer February 1998 – March 2003 001–218
Ben was married to Stephanie but always had a soft spot for Bronwyn. When Stephanie died, he was free to act upon his feelings and eventually they got together and left to be married, but not before he had a relationship with Paula.
Jared Levine Ben Tari Registered Nurse February 1998 – July 2003 001–235
Jared was an uptight nurse who came from a wealthy background, a fact which Connor riled him about mercilessly. He eventually began to associate with very different sort of people and left the ward. He left to work in a drug addiction clinic named after Mitch Stevens. He eventually reappeared in a small cameo as the new partner of Nelson's ex-wife and were about to have a baby.
Dr. Luciano 'Luke' Forlano Martin Lynes Surgical Registrar February 1998 – April 2004 001–266
Luke had an on again/off again relationship with Bron, until she finally found love with Ben. He then fell in love with Paula and they left to be married and work overseas. In between he had dealings with a dodgy underworld family, who had a hold over him for them protecting his brother.
Therese 'Terri' Sullivan Georgie Parker Registered Nurse, Ward 17 N.U.M., E.D. N.U.M., Christian Nun February 1998 – June 2005 001–313
Terri was the major character in the early years and the whole premise of the show was about her adjustment to working in a hospital as a nun. Throughout the years, she shed the chains of sisterhood, after Mitch came onto the show telling her that he liked her better when she had her legs wrapped around him. This led to the revelation that she entered the nunnery after a disastrous relationship with Mitch. When she understood why she became a nun, that it wasn't truly a calling, but really an escape, she left. After she re-entered public life, she warily began dating again but always mourned the loss of her relationship with Mitch, who had by then married Rose and had a baby with her. When Rose (suffering bi-polar disorder) became a menacing threat in her life, she tried hard to be a supportive friend to Mitch. She remained beside Mitch during the divorce between him and Rose, eventually the two were free to be together. It was shortly after the divorce that Mitch Stevens proposed to Terri and they publicly displayed their relationship. In the short period of time between finalizing the divorce and the engagement, Terri discovered she was pregnant. It was also during this time that she was forced to trip onto the ground, causing a miscarriage. Eventually the relationship between the two became slightly rocky, as Mitch became somewhat alcoholic - he had hit Terri during one of his drunken nights. Shortly after, Mitch and Terri discovered that a brain tumour had spread inside Mitch's brain, and was causing his irrational outbursts. Once the brain tumour was diagnosed, Terri arranged a secret wedding for her and Mitch to be together. Soon after they were married, Mitch underwent surgery to treat the brain tumour but it was unsuccessful, and he died. Terri fell apart as a result of this, drinking and passing out in her neighbour's yard on a regular basis. She managed to get herself together to return to work, but Ward 17 was being permanently shut and she and her staff were being reassigned to the Emergency Department, under Frank Campion. One of Frank's first conversations with her was to tell her that he wasn't going to baby her staff like she did, and he verbally abused her, as he does all his staff. Terri managed to have a fling with Doctor Jack Quade, but was always uncomfortable about the age difference. Her closest confidante and friend was Von. Terri becomes guardian of Mitch's child Lucy. Lucy's mum is murdered and her grandmother dies in surgery. Terri leaves All Saints to spend as much time as possible with Lucy, starting with a holiday to Mitch's homeland of Scotland.
Yvonne 'Von' Ryan Judith McGrath Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, Patient Liaison Officer February 1998 – October 2009 001–493
Von Ryan was an enrolled nurse in Ward 17 and, after later completing her course and becoming a Registered Nurse, in the ED of All Saints Hospital. She is a fantastic nurse but can be unpredictable, moody and snappy. She has a strong and sharp personality, is quick to the point and does not take wingeing, back chat or sloppy working. She is very good friends with Nurse Terri Sullivan, supporting her through all of her hard times, including Terri's courtcase for the murder of Neil Phillips and Mitch's death. She can be very motherly to everybody else and has the potential to be one of the nicest people on earth, when she wants to be. It was revealed in 2008 that whilst working in Vietnam, she was raped. Von's true love died serving in Vietnam where she worked as a nurse. Also throughout the series Von finds out that she has a half-sister who has cancer. At first reluctant she becomes friends with her niece Kerry. Later on Kerry becomes engaged to Nelson Curtis.

The TV show ends when Von retires from All Saints.

Dr. Mitchell 'Mitch' Stevens Erik Thomson Medical Registrar March 1999 – April 2003 045–221
Mitch was a fabulous doctor and brilliant diagnostician. He would fight for the lives of his patients almost to the point of obsession. He was obsessed with saving people because he never tried to save his sister, Lucy, when they were children when he found her lying on the ground, he thought she was just playing dead. Mitch was hopelessly in love with Terri, and always had been, fleeing to Africa when she initially went into the convent. After repeatedly asking Terri if there was any chance for them to get back together, Mitch began a relationship with Rose and they eventually have a daughter named Lucy, all the time he was still in love with Terri. Before he married Rose, when asked in court, he admitted that he still was in love with Terri and would do anything to protect her. For many reasons Mitch and Rose's relationship didn't work, mostly though because Rose did not trust him, and her Bipolar lead her to obsess over him and Terri. Eventually Mitch and Rose Divorced, and as a result Mitch was rarely allowed to see his daughter. This allowed Terri and Mitch to finally start a relationship. They do not have much time together before Mitch is diagnosed with a brain tumour which would eventually kill him. He opted to have surgery in an attempt to remove the tumour, and although he survived the initial procedure he died following complications. Once the brain tumour was diagnosed, Terri arranged a secret wedding for her and Mitch to get married. Before he died, Mitch told Terri that he never once stopped loving her, and Terri replied, saying that she never once stopped loving him.
Scott Zinenko Conrad Coleby Ambulance Officer February 2001 – October 2004 127–286
Scott was an ambulance officer, Ben's partner. Scott began dating Rebecca Green but it ended in season 6, 2003 because she slept with his best mate Jared Levine. He gets a new ambulance partner Cate McMasters and is reluctant to become friends at first after what happened with Rebecca. He becomes close friends with Alex his ambulance partner but Alex leaves after witnessing an incident and has to go into the Witness Protection Program. Always having problems with the rules, Scott leaves wanting to move onto something else in his life.
Paula Morgan Jenni Baird Registered Nurse November 2001 – April 2004 166–266
Paula was a nurse in Ward 17 and the single-mother of her son, Max. She briefly dates Ben Markham and gets pregnant however there is complications with the pregnancy. She ends up engaged to Dr Luke Forlano and they move to New York together.
Nelson Curtis Paul Tassone Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Ward 17 2IC, E.D. N.U.M. November 2001 – May 2006 168–349
Nelson Curtis joined the show in 2001. He was an excellent nurse, despite battling his alcoholism. He was married twice, first to an Indigenous Australian girl who he admittedly "was too drunk to help her" after a car crash. It is later revealed he has a daughter from this relationship. The second to another alcoholic (Leanne) who eventually had a relationship with Jared. He occasionally slipped back into drinking alcohol again, but thanks to co-workers like Terri Sullivan and Von Ryan, he had support for it. Nelson also was kind enough to let Von stay at his house after Von had to sell her flat due to a court case in which she loses her life savings. In season 9 he became accredited as a nurse practitioner. He also faced assault charges after beating Colin (former boyfriend of his fiancé, Von's niece) into a coma.
Dr. Charlotte Beaumont Tammy MacIntosh Medical Fellow/ED 2IC May 2002 –October 2009 184–493
Charlotte is Second in Charge in the E.D., having recently completed her medical fellowship and operates under its tyrannical leader, Frank Campion.

Charlotte came from a family background where the expectations in regard to education were very low but, inspired to exceed, Charlotte dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was a teenager and, after succeeding, made her way thought medical school achieving good results. Charlotte is very compassionate and caring in what she does and she always does her best. She is kind and thoughtful to all that are around her and is a wonderful doctor to the patients whom she encounters. She is very dedicated to her job and what she does, although she can become a little hot-headed when it comes to things she is passionate about. Charlotte was introduced into the show in its fifth season, here she was taking emergency and night shifts. Her first major event was when she was treating a suspected Ebola outbreak with Dr. Mitch Stevens. Charlotte's sister, Sophia Beaumont, had a brief stint as a nurse in the E.D. with them clashing a little. Charlotte has a little boy, Zack, whom she loves very dearly. She does well at juggling her hectic working life with her family life, her son spending much time in the hospital crèche. Zack was fathered by Spencer, who has disappeared to work in Africa. Prior to this relationship, she was involved in a couple of lesbian affairs, and wanted desperately to have a baby. This nearly came true after a one-night stand with colleague Jack Quade, but the baby was lost in a miscarriage after an accident outside the hospital.

Charlotte is respected by her colleagues, particularly by Frank with whom she holds a very tight friendship. Charlotte was previously married to Dr. Vincent Hughes when she was younger, this ended when she revealed to him that she was homosexual, although they remained best of friends.

In May 2008 it appeared that a relationship may be unfolding between Charlotte and lesbian nurse Rhiannon, but instead Rhiannon confided her sexuality to Charlotte and also made a pass at her. When Charlotte knocked her back, Rhiannon chose instead to make a sexual harassment complaint against Charlotte, even though she was the actual instigator. Charlotte tried unsuccessfully to deal with the situation via the internal mechanisms of the hospital, but eventually decided to sue Rhiannon for defamation, at which point Rhiannon backed down and admitted that she had lied about the sexual harassment. Charlotte then discovered Rhiannon in her bathroom, who had slashed her wrists in an attempt to take her life.

Dr. Vincent Hughes Christopher Gabardi Medical Registrar April 2003 – July 2007 223–396
Vincent was married to Dr. Charlotte Beaumont, when they were younger, but the couple separated when Charlotte left Vincent for another women.

He was a captain in the army and spent time in Timor. He was married after Charlotte but his wife dies in a landmine accident in Timor.

He has a relationship with Grace Connolly in the ER. She later dies in a plane crash they are both in.

He then has a relationship with nurse Cate, Cate dumps him after he ignores her and displays jealousy when Vincent sees Charlotte in a relationship with his old friend Spence.

Sterling McCormack Henry Nixon Nurse Register March 2003 – June 2004 222–272
Sterlo was a good nurse but, like other past nurses, he occasionally messed things up. He was the CEO's nephew but kept that a secret. He and Terri never saw eye to eye so she desperately wanted him out, but they grew to accept each other eventually. He coached a local Football game that Luke really wanted Max to join but Max hated it. Most people thought he was clumsy, especially Von and Terri but he made good friends with Nelson, Jared, Alex, Regina, Terri, Scott, Von, Frances, Paula, and, briefly, Frank. On his first day, he was making coffee and broke Mitch's cup and Regina burst into tears. In The Season 6 finale, Sterlo was shot by crazed gunman Greg (an ex-employee of the hospital). Sterlo survived, but he developed an addiction to morphine after his surgery, which led to him stealing out of the S8 cupboard, both to use it and sell it.
Dr. Jack Quade Wil Traval Medical Registrar March 2004 – November 2008 256–455
The ease with which Jack Quade's medical career is blossoming is a pleasant surprise to him. It has not always been easy. He comes from a working-class background, a tough mining and steel town where his father, Peter, still works as a fitter and turner.

Peter had an affair with Jack's mother. His mother dumps him at Peter's doorstep when he is 2. His mother ends up coming into the ER to find Jack, she is dying but wants to tall Jack that he has a sister called Rebecca.

Jack's father brought him up on a diet of uncompromising honesty, swift kicks up the bum and terrible cooking. The youngest of three boys, Jack ended up doing a lot of the kitchen duties but somehow still manages to enjoy cooking.

Both Jack's half-brothers, Dave and Neville, became policemen and their kid brother might well have followed them into the force if Neville hadn't almost been killed in a petrol station hold up. Jack opted for a less dangerous career and one which might serve his brothers well if they get into any more strife.

At twenty-five, Jack is good looking and younger than his responsibilities would seem to dictate. Despite taking his work and patients very seriously, has a healthy disregard for authority and can sometimes seem to be lacking in propriety. He has a great sense of humour.

Dr. Frank Campion John Howard Director of Emergency April 2004 – October 2009 265–493
Dr. Frank Campion is one of All Saints main characters and one of All Saints hospital's top doctors. He, as head of the emergency department, is a fantastic doctor and has had extensive training in the field. To the doctors and nurses of the ED, he is demanding, pushing and sometimes abusive but he always makes his patients his top priority. Frank became particularly attached to his intern, Bart West, when Bart was shot and Frank felt it was his fault; it was then that we saw first-hand how supportive and kind Frank could be to his staff. Frank has been married once, to his ex-wife, and engaged one, to Eve Ballantyne whom he went to great lengths to win over. This engagement ended when Eve became pregnant and they discovered their baby had spina bifida, Eve decided to have the pregnancy terminated and Frank objected. She left town as Frank would not support her decision.

Dr. Frank Campion has a daughter named Kathleen Campion with Dr. Alison Newell his ex-wife.

Jessica Singleton Natalie Saleeba Registered Nurse April 2004 – April 2006 265–344
Jessica has worked in the Emergency Department ever since she became a Registered Nurse. She loves the variety, the pace and the challenge.

She's a serious but happy young woman with a real vocation; a great nurse, practical and efficient, though sometimes these qualities win over compassion. She loves everything about the job and she even likes the boss. Jessica's worked in the Emergency Department ever since she became an RN.

Jessica is still coming to terms with witnessing a shooting in the ED. She now panics whenever an aggressive patient or relative begins to act out - and this happens often in the ED. But Jessica is a fighter, not a quitter, she doesn't see herself as a fearful, panicky person.

Jessica comes from a solid, happy, thoroughly middle-class family: dad's a surveyor, mum's a happy housewife, and brother Adrian has a year to go until he's an architect. After a short stint overseas, they're all pleased to have Jessica living at home again and very proud of her.

The only thing Jessica lacks is the same kind of absolute confidence in her own ability that her family has. This is a pity, as it would take some of the tension out of her working life. Despite being petite and attractive, she still thinks of herself as the frumpy, plain teenager she once was.

Though she'd never admit it, Jessica is a closet romantic, devouring Mills and Boon novels, going to the movies to watch classic romantic movies. She dreams of a Mr Right sweeping her off her feet and she knows he's just around the corner...

Jessica leaves after Deanna Richardson becomes Acting NUM of the ER. She gets a job at St Angela's as a NUM.

Cate McMasters Alexandra Davies Registered Nurse, Ambulance Officer May 2004 – May 2007, September 2007 – 2008, recurring 270–4##
Cate dated Vincent first. After having a small breakdown (likely fueled by the friendship she has with her wild, flirty friend Jo Henderson) and ending up in the ED with a GHB overdose, Cate leaves the ED in the first episode of 2007 and decides to rejoin the ambulance service. She then had a relationship with 'Mike' Vlasek in 2007, but she ended it when she discovered that he had neglected to tell her about a long-lost son. She also forces Mike to deal with his morphine addiction.
Dan Goldman Mark Priestley Registered Nurse July 2004 – November 2008 278–455
Dan has a sunny, positive disposition - a smile for everyone, and a good attitude to work. He loves the blood, gore and adrenaline rush he gets in the Emergency Department.

Dan's keen to learn new things and puts them into action at every available opportunity. He doesn't hold back on his thoughts and opinions - often blurting out personal questions - but is sensitive to the needs of his patients and colleagues. He's charming and good-looking but not a cad.

Dan is an easy-going young guy. He's insightful enough to know that he should be looking towards maturing and becoming more stable in his personal life, but he still enjoys partying, and being young too much to quite let it go. He enjoys watching cricket, going to the pub with his mates, seeing live bands and getting picked up by good-looking women.

He decision to take up nursing was influenced by the side benefit that he'd be surrounding by plenty of young, single women. If his mates ever think he's less of a bloke for being a nurse, he's very quick to point this out and they soon see where he's coming from.

Dan comes from an ordinary, lower-middle-class family with two sisters and a brother who is now in a wheelchair. Dan is a loyal friend who will drive those around him crazy one minute and be the biggest support the next. Over and above it all, Dan is a great nurse.

Dr. Sean Everleigh Chris Vance Medical Registrar November 2005 – June 2007 334–393
Hales from the UK but moved to Australia as a teenager.

Originally a brain surgeon before transferring to the ED. His young niece is operated on and it is revealed that he operated on his young nephew several years before but he died in surgery.

Sean dated Zoe Gallagher. He was hit by a car on a date with her and died later that night.

Erica Templeton Jolene Anderson Registered Nurse April 2006 – September 2008 345–448
Erica is a nurse in the E.D. and is loving it. Erica, who is in her early 20s, originally yearned to be a doctor but failed to achieve high enough HSC marks and became a nurse instead. This is when she fell in love with nursing.

Erica is a kind and bright happy person and always has a loving smile for her patients and colleagues. She is committed to her job and, although she has very limited experience, always looks for a challenge and does her absolute best. She is very down-to-earth and is the type of person who would do anything for someone else. Erica respects people and treats them kindly and, is thus respected by them; she is very much a woman of morals. She is a little naïve but is also very independent and intelligent. Erica also has an older brother who she loves very much but who has a way of getting himself into trouble. He spent much of his life in gaol and in juvenile institutions. She'd do anything for him, even if she knew he would not repay her or even if he is lying; above all, she knows that he is good underneath and she knows he loves her, too. Erica works well with everyone in the Emergency Department and is very much one of the team. She is in a relationship with Dan Goldman, whom she loves very dearly. They have just gotten married (August 2008) but his mother appears to be unhappy about the idea. Erica is murdered in episode 448, and the murderer is yet to be caught.

Dr. Bartholomew 'Bart' West Andrew Supanz Medical Intern, Medical Registrar May 2006 – October 2009 349–493
Bart, 'Homer' to Frank, was the intern in the ED since 2006. Bart is a very switched on doctor and, according to Frank, is "A Born Physician". Late in 2006, Bart was shot in the ED by an angry family member of a patient and his life became very hard. He was unable to move well and, as Frank felt it was his fault, Bart moved in with him. In 2007, at the end of his internship, Frank realised that he could not keep Bart on as a permanent staff member as the budget wouldn't allow it. Upon telling Bart the unfortunate news, Bart left the ED straight away to start his surgical rotation with Mike. It was then that Mike offered him a permanent position the Surgery Department which Bart accepted, knowing little about how much effort Frank was going to, to find a way that Bart could stay in the ED.

In late 2007, Bart found his way into a relationship with one of his patients, Anne-Maree Preston, played by Yael Stone. She had cancer, and died not long after. This left Bart heart-broken, and he has not been in love since. In 2009, he slept with Frank's niece Amy, and broke the relationship later after that. In episode 13 of season 12, he and Amy become a couple.

Dr. Miklos 'Mike' Vlasek John Waters Director of Surgery/Director of Medical Response Unit June 2006 – October 2009 350–493
Miklos Vlasek is an unlucky in love surgeon. It was revealed in late 2007 that he had abandoned his girlfriend when she gave birth to his son. He donated his kidney to his long lost son when he turned up at the E.D. During this time, he was seeing 'ambo' Cate McMasters, but she ended the relationship when she found out that he neglected to tell her about his son, leaving Mike single again. He also managed to maintain a 20-year relationship with his morphine addiction. That was until 2007 when Cate discovered his nasty secret and he was forced to undergo detox or stop being a surgeon. During this time he had to routinely undergo drug checks and attend regular counselling sessions with Sonia Moore (played by Lucy Bell). He has since started up the All Saints Medical Response Unit and recruited Jo Mathieson (played by Mirrah Foulkes) and Steve Taylor (played by Jack Campbell) as part of the team.
Gabrielle Jaeger Virginia Gay Registered Nurse, E.D. N.U.M. June 2006 – October 2009 353–493
Gabrielle, although still very young and in her 20s, has worked her way up through the ranks and has become the Nursing Unit Manager of All Saints' Emergency Department, operating beside the E.D. director, Dr. Frank Campion; this is because of her determination, confidence and intelligence.

Gabby is one of the most independent and gutsy members of the E.D. teams and is not pushed around by anyone, particularly not Frank who likes to think he can push anyone around. Coming from the country, she has a good sense of what is right and what is wrong and is not afraid of anything. She operates by morals and is a very kind person. Gabby is also a fantastic nurse and one who is also there "when the chips are down". She would do anything for a patient, or a colleague but is also very smart, she knows when there is something wrong or when someone is taking advantage of her. She is quick at the mark, not afraid of speaking her mind and not afraid of a bit of discipline. She has a kind and caring nature, a great thing for a nurse, and is suited for the hectic and busy environment of the Emergency Department; she wouldn't be anywhere else. And what a shock for her it was when Dr. Steve Taylor arrived at All Saints. The couple had grown up together in the country and had been in a relationship which had been broken off. It wasn't too long before the chemistry reappeared and Gabby and Steve were drawn together again, Gabby just not being able to stop her from helping Steve with his alcohol problem. They are in a relationship of sorts. She is currently pregnant with Steve Taylor's baby.

Dr. Zoe Gallagher Allison Cratchley E.D. 2IC/ Medical Fellow August 2006 – June 2008 359–493
Zoe Gallagher is Second in Charge in the E.D. and operates under its tyrannical leader, Frank Campion.

Zoe, an attractive woman in her early 30s, is an extremely intelligent, independent and sophisticated person; and one who is highly ambitious and wants to rise to the top of the hierarchy. Zoe is straightforward, assertive and has come to respect her colleagues, as they have come to respect her. Zoe is a fantastic doctor and, after graduating with top results, knew that she always wanted to work in the Emergency Department, where the action is; and there is no shortage of action at All Saints. However, she has very much changed since she came to the E.D. Upon her arrival, she was not perhaps warmly welcomed to the E.D., especially not when she got the job of 2IC; a job that Charlotte was thought to have, a job which Charlotte had worked towards her whole career. Zoe has become much more loyal to her colleagues in the E.D., even Frank. Zoe is weary of relationships, fearing she'll make the mistakes that ended her previous marriage. This is made worse by the tragic loss of former boyfriend and fellow doctor, Sean Everleigh.

Dr. Steven Taylor Jack Campbell Medical Registrar August 2007 – October 2009 401–493
Steve is a country boy, from the same part of the world as Gabrielle. After graduating from University, he spent years working in rural areas across Australia as a locum. He never stayed at any hospital for too long, telling everyone that he was a gypsy by nature, desirous of changing scenery, new faces and new experiences. But maybe it was his love of alcohol that led to his unsettled lifestyle. He is strong and fit—a man who is comfortable in his own skin and can handle himself in any situation. He has a strong work ethic and a natural curiosity. If he can take something apart, he will. And you can bet that he will be able to put it back together again, maybe even better than it was. Passionate, competitive and tactile, he can't be missed in a room. He doesn't ask for attention but gets it anyway. Above everything, Steve is a brilliant doctor. Steve isn't one to run from a challenge... professionally or personally. He has burnt his romantic bridges with Gabrielle, whom he loved dearly and will always have a soft spot for, but he is now at the point where he has been able to forgive himself for the sins of his past (a past he's not terribly proud of) and look to a more promising future. In fact, challenge is what he craves most and the new Medical Response Unit feels like the right place to offer him those challenges.

Steve is hard to resist... he's energetic and fun to be around. His sense of humour can take the tension out of a moment and he has the ability to make you feel like you're the only person in the world. He'll be the first to offer you a hand should you stumble but also the first to tell you to pull your head in if you get out of control. He has a temper. And it really doesn't take much to set it off. No one has ever accused Steve of being safe or predictable. Steve is the father of gabrielle's baby which he will help to raise when it is born.

Dr. Adam Rossi Kip Gamblin Medical Locum October 2008 – October 2009 452–493
Adam is every patient's dream - a doctor who genuinely cares about them. Nothing is too much trouble, no ailment too insignificant - if it's affecting your quality of life in any way, then it needs Doctor Freeman's healing touch. Maybe that has a lot to do with his upbringing. Adam's earliest memories are of hiding with his brothers from an abusive father who liked to take out his frustrations on his wife and children. By the age of 14, Adam had had enough. After a particularly nasty night of violence in his home, he took to the streets. He did his best to nurse his injuries until he finally collapsed and was rushed to the local hospital. And there he was nursed in the Paediatric ward by Von Ryan, who saw something in the kid that other nurses didn't see. She saw the bright spark that had almost, but not quite, been extinguished. She saw Adam's intelligence and good humour. And she saw the potential in a boy who was going to end up dead if someone didn't intervene. So intervene she did, and to this day, Adam views Von as the one and only person who actually cared about him. Through her faith in him and the work she did to get him into care and back to school, Adam thrived in both body and soul. And on the day he graduated with a medical degree, there was only one person he invited to the ceremony - Von - and she attended with pride. Adam's a man of boundless energy and he'd argue that his inability to stop and take time out for himself is because that energy has to be channelled into something or he'll explode. He's a natural communicator with and protector of women. God help the man who feels he can raise a hand to one. Abuse of any description makes Adam lose all perspective. He can behave quite badly under these circumstances, becoming unpredictable and even dangerous at times. And he quite literally hates himself when he loses it. His temper reminds him a little too much of his father. He knows the statistics of the "abused becoming the abuser" and fights against it at every turn. It's why intimacy is difficult for him and long-term relationships scare the hell out of him. On top of this, Adam's compassion and eagerness to help often leads him into dangerous territory. Not necessarily for those around him but for his own psychological well-being. Quite simply, his greatest asset is often his downfall - Adam cares too much. He's unable to create and maintain the professional barrier that so many Doctors use to keep their sanity intact. And this often leads to dark, sleepless nights or a need to escape for a while and run off the feelings that threaten to overwhelm him. If he could step back occasionally and realise that "intention" and "result" don't always match, he'd be a much healthier soul.
Claire Anderson Ella Scott Lynch Registered Nurse November 2008 – October 2009 453–493
Claire is a vibrant young woman, whose compassion for patients and competence as a nurse is immediately apparent to those around her. She is able to deal with the most confronting of situations (a patient's fear or their relative's grief) with seeming ease and as a result, people tend to trust in her quickly and look to her for advice. However, it isn't quite as easy for Claire to trust others and once we discover the reasons for her being here instead of in her home State, we'll understand why. Claire is calm, composed and rational in almost all arenas of her life but one thing she cannot cope with is aggression. She's had too much of that in her life. Her younger years were tainted with alcohol-fuelled rages from her father, and Claire made the mistake of falling in love with a man who had very similar tendencies. Any conflict in their relationship was solved with a fist, and Claire found herself making all the same excuses for black eyes and split lips that her mother used to make. After a particularly bad night, when her partner took out his frustrations over losing a job on her, Claire decided she'd had enough. Once he fell into a stupor, Claire packed the bare minimum of belongings and took off. She hasn't looked back, hasn't contacted him, and would be happy if she never laid eyes on him again. So here she is. Determined to make a new start. As a recent arrival in NSW, Claire has not yet found her professional feet in a new Health system and, as a consequence, has been agency nursing for a few months now while she looks for the right permanent position in the right place. All Saints ED could be just that place and it'd be lucky to have her. Maybe, once she's back on her feet, Claire will explore the possibility of romance again. She'd love nothing more than to be in a healthy relationship in which she and a new partner could prosper but right now, it's enough for her to feel safe. And if she makes some new friends, then that will be a bonus she'll be eternally grateful for. Because right now, she's alone, no friends, no family. But that's a small price to pay, as far as she's concerned, for the strength she gathers on a daily basis. She's not a victim, she's a survivor, and nothing that has happened in her life has managed to undermine her innate sense of optimism and desire to connect with people.
Joanna 'Jo' Mathieson Mirrah Foulkes Specialist Rescue Paramedic February 2009 – October 2009 457–493
In her mid 20s, Jo (never “Joanna” unless you're her father or you want a thick lip) is a real action girl. A specialist Rescue Paramedic who is just as much at ease climbing down a cliff face as she is with the one-on-one medical scenarios her job exposes her to. Growing up in a large family, Jo learnt at an early age to stand up or be overlooked. It's not that her parents were inattentive in any way, but rather that having a ton of brothers and sisters often means only the squeaky wheel gets oiled. Jo is very much that squeaky wheel. She's brilliant at what she does, fit and focused, with the ability to think outside the square. But these attributes can also be her undoing as she tends to be impulsive and rebellious if a rule doesn't make sense to her. You're never in any doubt about what Jo thinks of a given situation or idea. And she's not one to back down from that opinion either. She gets a real buzz from the adrenalin rush of the rescues she participates in, but that's not to the exclusion of empathy or compassion. She knows when to be tough, and when to hold a hand and command trust from a patient. If she says she can do something, one look into her eyes tells you you're in safe hands. A fiercely loyal friend and a team player, Jo has not made much room in her life for romance. She's had a few relationships but most have ended prematurely with the man in her life finding her strength and independence, often the things that attracted them to her in the first place, too hard to handle in the long run. When Jo does find Mr Right, he'll be a lucky man because she loves as she lives – at a 100% every minute of every day.


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