Stephanos Sahlikis

Stephanos Sahlikis or Sachlikis (Στέφανος Σαχλίκης), (1330 - after 1391) was a Cretan from Handax (Heraklion) lawyer and poet who wrote satirical poems in vernacular Greek.

His poems are written in political verse, and are the first certain instance of rhyme used in Medieval Greek (even though rhyming macaronic verse in Greek and Persian by Rumi dates to the previous century).

He wasted his inheritance and spent time in jail, all the while writing outspoken satirical poems, lampooning the mores of his time, a subject on which he had first hand experience.

His worksEdit

  • Aφήγησις παράξενος του ταπεινού Σαχλίκη
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  • Β´Γραφαί και στίχοι και ερμηνείαι, έτι και αφηγήσεις, αυτ. 79-85 (P 1-201) και 85-105 (PM 202-712)
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  • Παραινέσεις (manuscript Neapolitanus III. A. a. 9)
    • M. Vitti, Il poema parenetico di Sachlikis..., Κρητικά Χρονικά (Cretan Chronicles) 14, 1960, 173-200