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Stauning II Cabinet

The Second Cabinet of Stauning was the government of Denmark from 30 April 1929 to 4 November 1935. It replaced the Madsen-Mygdal Cabinet, and was replaced by the Third Stauning Cabinet. This was the first coalition government in Danish history, consisting of the Social Democrats and the Social Liberal Party.

Stauning II
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35th cabinet of Denmark
Stauning II cabinet.jpg
Members of the Stauning II Cabinet
Date formed30 April 1929 (1929-04-30)
Date dissolved4 November 1935 (1935-11-04)
People and organisations
Head of stateChristian X
Head of governmentThorvald Stauning
Total no. of ministers13
Member partySocial Democrats
Social Liberals
Status in legislatureCoalition
Outgoing election1935
SuccessorStauning III

List of ministersEdit

The cabinet consisted of these ministers, with some continuing into the Third Stauning Cabinet:[1]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning30 April 19293 May 1942Social Democrats
Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Rochegune Munch30 April 19298 July 1940Social Liberals
Minister for Finance Carl Valdemar Bramsnæs30 April 192931 May 1933Social Democrats
 Hans Peter Hansen31 May 193320 July 1937Social Democrats
Minister of Defence Laust Rasmussen30 April 192924 November 1932Social Democrats
 Hans Peter Hansen24 November 193231 May 1933Social Democrats
 Thorvald Stauning31 May 19334 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs Peter Dahl30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister for Education Frederik Borgbjerg30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister of Justice Carl Theodor Zahle30 April 19294 November 1935Social Liberals
Minister of the Interior Bertel Dahlgaard30 April 19294 November 1935Social Liberals
Minister for Public Works Johannes Friis-Skotte30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister for Agriculture Kristen Bording30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister for Industry and Seafaring C.N. Hauge30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Minister for Seafaring and Fisheries Thorvald Stauning30 April 192931 May 1933Social Democrats
 C.N. Hauge (act.)31 May 19334 November 1935Social Democrats
Ministry of Social Affairs Karl Kristian Steincke30 April 19294 November 1935Social Democrats
Preceded by
Cabinet of Denmark
Succeeded by
Stauning III


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