Minister of Foreign Affairs (Denmark)

The Minister for Foreign Affairs (Danish: Udenrigsminister, Faroese: Uttanríkisráðharra, Greenlandic: Nunanut Allanut Ministeri) is the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The officeholder is in charge of Danish (Denmark proper,[a] the Faroe Islands and Greenland) foreign policy and international relations.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
since 15 December 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Member ofCabinet of Denmark
AppointerPrime Minister
Formally the Monarch
Term length4 years
Formation22 March 1848; 175 years ago (1848-03-22)
First holderFrederik Marcus Knuth
WebsiteOfficial website

The current Minister for Foreign Affairs is former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.[2]

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  1. ^ The Kingdom of Denmark's territory in continental Europe is referred to as "Denmark proper" (Danish: egentlig Danmark), "metropolitan Denmark",[1] or simply Denmark. In this article, usage of "Denmark" excludes Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

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