The Statute of Winchester of 1285 (13 Edw. 1. St. 2; Latin: Statutum Wynton), also known as the Statute of Winton, was a statute enacted by King Edward I of England that reformed the system of Watch and Ward (watchmen) of the Assize of Arms of 1252, and revived the jurisdiction of the local courts.[1][2] It received royal assent on 8 October 1285.

Act of Parliament
Long titleStatutum Wynton
Citation13 Edw. 1. St. 2
Royal assent8 October 1285

It was the primary legislation enacted to regulate the policing of the country between the Norman Conquest and the Metropolitan Police Act 1829.[3] Of particular note was the requirement to raise hue and cry, and that "the whole hundred … shall be answerable" for any theft or robbery, in effect a form of collective responsibility.

Chapters edit

The Statute of Winchester is composed of six chapters:

Chapter Title
1 Fresh Suit shall be made after Felons and Robbers from Town to Town, &c.
2 Inquiry of Felons and Robbers, and the County shall answer if they be not taken.
3 This Act shall be respited until Easter next.
4 At what Times the Gates of great Towns shall be shut, and when the Night Watch shall begin and end.
5 Breadth of Highways leading from one Market-Town to another.
6 That View of Arms be made. Hue and Cry shall be followed. Fairs or Markets shall not be kept in Church-yards.

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