State Migration Service of Turkmenistan

The State Migration Service of Turkmenistan is the state governing body that regulates the migration system of Turkmenistan, implements the state policy in the field of migration and fulfills Turkmenistan's international obligations in the field of migration.

State Migration Service of Turkmenistan
Agency overview
Formed21 February 2003
HeadquartersAshgabat, Azady str. 63
Agency executive
  • Atagarayev Nazar Muhammetmyradovich

The Service was created on the basis of the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan dated February 21, 2003 No. 6133 with the initial name as the State Service for Registration of Foreign Citizens of Turkmenistan. The service carried out registration of arrivals and departures of foreign citizens, issued invitations and visas for arrival in Turkmenistan, as well as residence permits and work permits.

Since 2004, the Service has performed functions related to the registration of the entry and exit of citizens of Turkmenistan at the State border. Since 2005, it has accepted and prepared documents of admission to the citizenship of Turkmenistan, reinstatement in citizenship of Turkmenistan, renunciation of citizenship of Turkmenistan, as well as registration of permits for citizens of Turkmenistan to leave Turkmenistan for permanent residence.

On April 17, 2008, the State Service of Turkmenistan for the Registration of Foreign Citizens was renamed to the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan.

Since 2005, 29697 stateless persons have been admitted to Turkmen citizenship on the basis of decrees of the President of Turkmenistan.

Since July 2008, the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan has issued biometric passports to citizens of Turkmenistan in accordance with international standards (ICAO). Passports are currently issued in all regional administrations of Turkmenistan and Ashgabat, as well as district and city departments. To provide high-quality services to the citizens, the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan offers online services for applying for and replacing passport. This creates opportunity to save time, as well as to learn the status of applications of a biometric passport.

In addition, through the "Send Information" section, it is possible to ask questions that are under the competence of the Migration service of Turkmenistan. The SMST’s website also publishes news in Turkmen, Russian and English, which regularly cover political and public events in Turkmenistan.

In accordance with the initiatives of the President of Turkmenistan on the development of physical education and sports, various competitions are regularly held in the country. The State Migration Service of Turkmenistan has volleyball and futsal teams that have enjoyed success both in Turkmenistan and abroad.

Addresses of the units of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan

1. ASHGABAT, Ashghabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan prospect, bld. 18.

2. MARY VELAYAT. Mary, Mary, Mollanepes str, bld. 9.

3. LEBAP VELAYAT. Lebap, Boyrabap gengeshlik, Charjev etrap, Hojimiresen, Jeyhun str , bld. 2.

4. AHAL VELAYAT . Ahal, the city of Ahal, Ch.Vellekov str. bld. 16.

5. BALKAN VELAYAT. Balkan, Balkanabat, block 146, bld 42.

6. DASHOGUZ VELAYAT. Dashoguz, Dashoguz, Al-Khwarizmi str, bld. 20.

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