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Stable Strategies for Middle Management

"Stable Strategies for Middle Management" is a science fiction short story published in 1988 by Eileen Gunn. It was nominated for the 1989 Hugo Award for Best Short Story as well as the 1989 Locus Reader’s Poll.

"Stable Strategies for Middle Management"
AuthorEileen Gunn
Genre(s)Science fiction
Published inIsaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Publication typeMagazine
Publication dateOctober 1988

Plot summaryEdit

The story is about Margaret, an advertising executive in a large corporation. To prove her loyalty to the company, she undergoes bioengineering that will eventually transform her into a giant insect. The tale begins as she wakes up one morning to find that her tongue has changed into a stiletto and her hand into a chitinous comb. Throughout the day, she is distracted by odd insect-like cravings - such as the desire to suck her colleagues’ blood and encase her friends in wax.


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