East Finchley Cemetery

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Chapel at East Finchley Cemetery

East Finchley Cemetery is a cemetery and crematorium in East End Road, East Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet. The facilities are owned and managed by the City of Westminster.[1]

History and characteristicsEdit

The St Marylebone Burial Board purchased 47 acres (0.19 km2) of Newmarket Farm in 1854;[1] and the cemetery, then known as St Marylebone Cemetery, was laid out by architects Barnet & Brick Ltd. the following year with an Anglican Grade II listed chapel.[2] Principal features are two Lebanon Cedar trees planted on the front lawn. The crematorium was opened in 1937 [1] and is now owned by The London Cremation Company. [1]

Due to local government reorganisation, the cemetery was managed by the Metropolitan Borough of St Marylebone – from 1900; and became the responsibility of the City of Westminster in 1965, when the cemetery became known by its current name. The cemetery contains about 22,000 interments; and remains open for burials.[1]

The cemetery was awarded a Green Flag Award in 2007, 2008 and 2009.[1] It is also a Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation.[3][4]

The nearest London Underground station is East Finchley, on the Northern line.

The cemetery became a point of controversy in the early nineties when the then Leader of Westminster City Council and Councillor Hartley wanted the Cemetery to be sold. The cemetery also included a considerable amount of land being used at the time for plant propagation for horticultural use throughout the City of Westminster; it also provided housing for the Cemetery Keeper. After much political argument at Council Meetings and against the advice of the Chief Officers concerned, the Cemetery was sold for three pence.

Within a short period of time the cemetery was then sold by a Westminster estate agent for one million pounds. It was then sold on to an off-shore company for three million pounds. How the management of burials came back to W.C.C. is not known.[citation needed]

The cemetery contains a number of structures listed on the National Heritage List for England. The monuments to Thomas Skarratt Hall,[5] Harry Ripley,[6] Peter Nicol Russell,[7] Thomas Tate,[8] and the mausoleum of Algernon Borthwick, 1st Baron Glenesk and his wife and son are all listed Grade II,[9] as is the crematorium and chapel.[10]

Notable burialsEdit

Tomb of Thomas Skarratt Hall, died 1903, said to be modelled on Napoleon's tomb in Paris
Leopold Stokowski's grave at East Finchley Cemetery

War gravesEdit

There are 75 Commonwealth service war burials of World War I in the cemetery, most in the War Graves plot in the cemetery's northwest corner that was set aside for military burials in 1916, and 79 of World War II (including two unidentified British soldiers), besides ten 'Non War graves' that the Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains. A Screen Wall memorial, behind the Cross of Sacrifice, records the names of the 20 World War II casualties who were cremated at the St Marylebone Crematorium.

There are also special memorials to eight World War I servicemen whose graves could not be marked by headstones.[16]

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