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Stéphanie Do (born 20 December 1979) is a French politician representing La République En Marche! She was elected to the French National Assembly on 18 June 2017, representing the department of Seine-et-Marne.[1] Do holds a position in the Bureau of the National Assembly of the 15th legislature of the French Fifth Republic as a secretary.

Stéphanie Do
Member of the National Assembly
for Seine-et-Marne's 10th constituency
Assumed office
21 June 2017
Preceded byÉmeric Bréhier
Personal details
Born (1979-12-20) 20 December 1979 (age 39)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Political partyLa République En Marche!



Graduate of a Master in Public Management from École nationale d’administration (ENA) and Paris Dauphine University (2014), postgraduate in Global Supply Chain Management at Kedge Business School (2004), Stéphanie Do worked in the first part of her career (2004-2014) in international consulting firms (Capgemini, Sopra Group, Mazars) as a consultant and manager on projects aimed at redressing the economic and social situations of companies in the private and public sectors, associations and local authorities. She then held the position of project manager at the French Ministry of Economy and Finances (2014-2017).[2] Stéphanie Do started her involvement with « La République en marche » when the political movement was founded in April 2016, while serving as the departmental referent for Seine-et-Marne until June 2017.[3] Emmanuel Macron obtained 23.11%[4] of the votes in the first round presidential election results in 2017 before Marine Le Pen, who obtained 22.85% in Seine-et-Marne, a department whose territory is mostly rural. Emmanuel Macron then won the second round presidential election with 63.86%[5] of the vote in the department.

She was elected member of parliament (MP) in Seine-et-Marne’s tenth constituency in the French legislative elections of 2017 under the colors of « La République en marche »[6][7]

French National AssemblyEdit

Stéphanie Do has been appointed secretary at the Bureau of the French National Assembly[8] from June to October 2017. She was also elected Assistant Treasurer in the Bureau of the « La République en Marche ! » Group. She joined the Committee on Economic Affairs and the Committee of Assessment of Public Policies.[8] As a member of the Committee on Economic Affairs, she was appointed Budget Rapporteur for an Opinion on Housing and presided a Working Group on the Housing Legislative Proposal ELAN[9] made by the Secretary of State in charge of Housing Julien Denormandie and the Minister in charge of Housing, Jacques Mézard. She is the author of two reports as part of her duties in the Committee on Economic Affairs. These reports contain a series of proposals regarding the Housing issue. The Budget Report for an Opinion was published on 9 October and is available online, on the French National Assembly's website.[10] The second report was published in January 2018 and takes into account the proposals made and retained by the Working Group concerning the Housing Legislative Proposal (ELAN). It is available on Stéphanie Do's website.[11] Thus, she took part in the Consensus Conference[12] that was lead in the Senate. Then she tabled 63 amendements,[13] 14 of which were adopted.[14] She is also a full member of the Concertation Trade Committee.[15] That way she could work on the Economic Legislative Proposal PACTE which aims at increasing growth and developing workplaces.

Stéphanie Do is involved in the parlementary rapprochement between France and Southeast Asia as she is the President of a France-Vietnam Friendship Group at the French National Assembly.[16] She then plays a significant role in the consolidation in the bilateral relation between France and Vietnam. She is also the Vice-President of Friendship Groups in charge of the parlementary relations between France-Laos,[17] France-South Korea[18] and France-Bruneï Malaisia.[19] She is also a member of the French section of the Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie.

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