Sri Satyanarayana Mahathyam

Sri Satyanarayana Mahathyam (English: Glory of Sri Satyanarayana) is a 1964 Telugu devotional film, produced by P. Satyanarayana under the Aswaraja Pictures banner[2] and directed by S. Rajinikanth.[3] It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Krishna Kumari in the lead roles and music composed by Ghantasala.[4]

Sri Satyanarayana Mahathyam
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Theatrical release poster
Directed byS. Rajinikanth
Produced byP. Satyanarayana
Written bySamudrala Jr (dialogues)
Screenplay byK. Gopal Rao
Based onSatyanarayan Puja
StarringN. T. Rama Rao
Krishna Kumari
Music byGhantasala
CinematographyC. Nageswara Rao
Edited byN. S. Prakash
B. Gopal Rao
Aswaraja Pictures[1]
Release date
  • 27 June 1964 (1964-06-27)
Running time
152 mins


The film begins with the entrance of Kaliyuga, due to which situations on earth became disastrous. Goddess Bhudevi (Suryakala) prays to Lord Vishnu (N. T. Rama Rao) to take another avatar to which Goddess Lakshmi opposes. So, Lord Vishnu sends a messenger to earth in the form of a baby boy who is adopted by a Saint Sunanda (A. V. Subba Rao) as God's gift and names him as Satyadas. King Sivakeshava (Relangi) an idiotic person feels like God's incarnation who compels the public to worship himself and sends his assistants Nandi (Mukkamala) & Pakshi (Allu Ramalingaiah) to execute the commandment. Once they observe Satyadas praying to Lord Vishnu and captures him. Lord Vishnu sends Sage Narada (Kanta Rao) for his protection and orders him to use as a tool to propagate a religious ritual Satyanarayana Vratam on earth. Firstly, Satyadas makes a Brahmin to perform the ritual, who is weeping for the death of their daughter and she becomes alive. Afterward, a poor woodcutter becomes wealthy and a couple, Sadhu Shetty (Ramana Reddy) and his wife Leelavathi (Chayadevi) were blessed with a baby girl after performing this ritual. Time passes, Satyadas (again N. T. Rama Rao) grows up along with his propaganda and makes an Ashram. Ratnavalli (Krishna Kumari), daughter of Sivakeshava learns regarding Satyadas's propaganda, visits his Ashram and tries to destroy his ritual. But after looking at his ardent devotion she bows her head and starts loving him. Having aware of it, Sivakeshava arrests Satyadas in the fort. Parallelly, Lord Vishnu gives an assurance to Bhudevi to protect the wise and destroy the bad. Here angered Lakshmi on the guidance of Narada gives her extraordinary power of "Sidda Lakshmi" to Sivakesava when people again start worshipping him. But before Satyadas's devotion, it fails. At the same time, Ratnavalli reveals her love interest towards Satyadas to Sivakesava when he becomes furious and orders his henchmen to remove the eyes of Satyadas. Meanwhile, Sage Narada plays a drama who provokes Nandi against the Sivakesava, he captures him along with Ratnavalli when Pakshi rescues them. Immediately, they rush to the forest by the time Satyadas' eyes are removed. Now Nandi sets fire to the forest and he is knockout by Pakshi. During the time of forest fire, Satyadas prays to Lord Vishnu who descends to earth, restores Satyadas's eyesight and shows the Vishwaroopam the entire world form in him. Sridevi & Bhudevi also accompany and performs the marriage of Satyadas & Ratnavalli. Satyadas asks Lord Vishnu to stay on earth to uplift the people, so, Lord Vishnu incarnates in the form of Lord Satyanarayana Swamy and the placed adored by lakhs of people at Annavaram till today.



  • Art: Vaali
  • Choreography: Vempati
  • Stills: Satyam
  • Dialogues - Lyrics: Samudrala Jr.
  • Playback: Ghantasala, P. Susheela, P. Leela, Madhavapeddi Satyam, A. P. Komala, Swarnalatha, Vasantha, Raghavulu
  • Music: Ghantasala
  • Screenplay - Supervision: K. Gopal Rao
  • Editing: N. S. Prakash, B. Gopal Rao
  • Cinematography: C. Nageswara Rao
  • Producer: P. Satyanarayana
  • Director: S. Rajinikanth
  • Banner: Aswaraja Pictures
  • Release Date: 27 June 1964


Sri Satyanarayana Mahathyam
Film score by
LabelH.M.V. Audio

Music composed by Ghantasala. Lyrics were written by Samudrala Jr. Music released by H.M.V. Audio Company.

S. No. Song Title Singers length
1 "Jaya Jaya Sreemannarayana" Ghantasala, P. Leela 3:17
2 "Jaya Radhika Madhava" Ghantasala 6:34
3 "Nadha Jagannadha" Ghantasala, A. P. Komala, Vasantha 4:47
4 "Manchi Tarunamuraa" Ghantasala 1:26
5 "Siva Siva Siva Paramesha" P. Leela, A. P. Komala 4:33
6 "Om Namo Narayana" A. P. Komala 3:06
7 "Satyadevuni Sundara Roopam" Ghantasala, A. P. Komala 4:57
8 "Dhintanana Dhintanana" P. Susheela 3:37
9 "Oho Oho Chandamama" Raghavulu, Swarnalatha 3:11
10 "Hey Madhava" Ghantasala 3:09
11 "Navvala Edvaala" Madhavapeddi Satyam 3:05
12 "Uppu Pappu" Madhavapeddi Satyam 3:18
13 "Jaabilli Sobha Neeve" Ghantasala, P. Susheela 3:26
14 "Maadhava Mounama" Ghantasala 2:27
15 "Sree Ksheeravaasi" Ghantasala 2:07


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