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Srđan (Serbian Cyrillic: Срђан) is a Serbo-Croatian masculine given name, sometimes written as Srdan or Srdjan when the letter đ is unavailable, pronunciation "Sir-Jahn")

It is usually considered to be a form of the name Sergius, honoring the Christian martyr and saint Sergius. In South Slavic, Saints Sergius and Bacchus are called "Sveti Srđ i Sveti Dejan" or "Srđevdan" or "Srđandan" or Dejandan. A popular etymology derives it from the Serbo-Croatian verb srditi which means being angry, fiery or ardent. Alternatively it may derive from adjective srdačan which means having a good heart.

A medieval version of the name was Srdan. Srđa could be a form of Srđan.

The most common nicknames are Srđa, Srđo, Srki, Srle, Điđa, Đile, Srkajlo, and Saja.

People with the name includeEdit