Squirt (horse)

Squirt (1732 – ?) was a Thoroughbred racehorse, best known as the grandsire of Eclipse, founder of the breed's dominant sire line.[2] He lived at a time when the Thoroughbred breed was in its infancy, before even the foundation of the Jockey Club (in 1750) and General Stud Book (in 1791). Thus information is incomplete.

SireBartlett's Childers
GrandsireDarley Arabian
DamSister to Old Country Wench[1]
CountryGreat Britain
BreederWilliam Metcalfe
OwnerCharles Colyear, 2nd Earl of Portmore
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Squirt was bred by William Metcalfe of Beverley, Yorkshire.[3] His sire was Bartlett's Childers, a full brother to Flying Childers, considered the greatest race horse of his time. Bartlett's Childers, also known as Bleeding Childers because he bled from the nose on exertion, never raced but did become a major sire.[4] Squirt's dam, Sister to Old Country Wench, had earlier produced Grey Robinson, who in turn produced the undefeated Regulus.

Racing careerEdit

During his racing career, Squirt was owned by Charles Colyear, (2nd) Earl of Portmore. He began racing at five, as was customary at the time. His performances include:

  • in 1737, won 200 guineas at Newmarket
  • in 1738, beaten by Lath in a match race at Newmarket
  • in 1739, won 200 guineas at Newmarket, 40 guineas at Epsom, 50 guineas at Stamford, and £30 at Winchester
  • in 1740, won a plate at Salisbury.[3]

Breeding careerEdit

Squirt then became a stallion for Sir Henry Harpur of Calke, Derbyshire. Squirt was nearly put down after developing laminitis, but his groom begged for a reprieve.[5] Squirt's offspring includes:


Pedigree of Squirt, chestnut horse, 1732[1]
Bartlet's Childers (GB)
Darley Arabian (GB)
(unknown) (unknown)
(unknown) (unknown)
Betty Leedes (GB)
Old Careless (GB) Spanker
Barb Mare
Cream Cheeks (GB) Leedes Arabian
Spanker Mare
Sister to Old Country Wench (GB)
Snake (GB)
Lister Turk (Tur) (unknown)
Hautboy Mare (GB) Hautboy
Grey Wilkes (GB) Hautboy (GB) Darcy's White Turk
Royal Mare
Miss Darcy's Pet Mare (GB) (unknown)
Sedbury Royal Mare


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Squirt (horse)Edit