Spritzgebäck (German: [ˈʃpʁɪt͡sɡəˌbɛk] ), spritz cookie in the United States,[1] is a type biscuit or cookie of German and Alsatian-Mosellan origin made of a rich shortcrust pastry. When made correctly, the cookies are crisp, fragile, somewhat dry, and buttery.

TypeBiscuit / Cookie
Place of originGermany, France (Alsace and Moselle) (= former Germany)
Main ingredientsflour, butter, sugar, eggs
Traditional holiday cookie plate with green tree-shaped spritz

The German root verb spritzen (German: [ˌʃpʁɪt͡sn̩] ) is cognate with the English to spurt. As the name implies, these cookies are made by squeezing, or "spritzing", the dough through a cookie press fitted with patterned holes (or extruded through a cake decorator or pastry bag to which a variety of nozzles may be fitted).

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