Spongilla lacustris

Spongilla lacustris is a species of sponge of the freshwater sponge family Spongillidae that lives in fresh water rivers and lakes. Its name signifies its preference for lakes.[1] It often grows under logs or rocks. It ranges from North America to Europe and Asia. It is the most common freshwater sponge in central europe.[2] It is the most widespread sponge in Britain (especially the North), and the most common in lakes and one of the most common in canals.[3] They have the capability to reproduce both asexually and sexually. They become dormant during winter. It's growth form ranges from encrusting to digitate to branched depending upon the quality of the habitat.[4]

Spongilla lacustris
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Demospongiae
Order: Spongillida
Family: Spongillidae
Genus: Spongilla
S. lacustris
Binomial name
Spongilla lacustris
  • Euspongilla lacustris (Linnaeus, 1759)
  • Spongia lacustris Linnaeus, 1759
  • Spongilla abortiva Potts, 1880
  • Spongilla crustacea Kozhoff, 1925
  • Spongilla dawsoni Bowerbank, 1864
  • Spongilla erinaceus Ehrenberg, 1841
  • Spongilla fenestrata Kozhoff, 1925
  • Spongilla flexispina Dawson, 1878
  • Spongilla jordanensis Vejdovsky, 1877
  • Spongilla lacustrioides MacKay, 1885
  • Spongilla lacustroides Kozhoff, 1925
  • Spongilla lieberkuehni Noll, 1870
  • Spongilla microgemmata Swartschewsky, 1901
  • Spongilla mirabilis Retzer, 1883
  • Spongilla montana Potts, 1880
  • Spongilla multiformis Carter, 1881
  • Spongilla paupercula Bowerbank, 1863
  • Spongilla ramosa Lamarck, 1816
  • Spongilla rhenana Retzer, 1883

Possibly Spongilla Lacustris on a London canal showing branching growth form and greenish color because of symbiotic algae
Possibly Spongilla Lacustris on a London canal showing branching growth form with more yellow colour


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