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'Spankmaster is the sixth album by Kool Keith. Released on June 5, 2001 through Gothom/Overcore with distribution by TVT Records, the album features production and appearances by Jacky Jasper and Esham.

Studio album by Kool Keith
Released June 5, 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 60:15
Label Gothom/Overcore
Kool Keith chronology
Diesel Truckers
(2004)Diesel Truckers2004


Music and lyricsEdit

Kool Keith signed to Gothom/Overcore, with distribution through TVT Records in 2001.[1]Allmusic's Jason Birchmeier says that Spankmaster "heads even further toward insanity than his preceding trilogy of albums for Funky Ass foreshadowed", referring to Keith's albums Sex Style, First Come, First Served (released under the alias Dr. Dooom), and Matthew.[2] The production, provided by Keith, Overcore founder Santos, Esham, and rapper Jacky Jasper, heavily features live instrumentation.[2] Keith's lyrics derive from antagonism, eccentricity and sleaze.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic      [2]
Robert Christgau  [3]
Vibe      [4]

AllMusic reviewer Jason Birchmeier gave the album 3 out of 5 stars, writing, "Recommended to the open-minded, particularly if you admire creativity, long for the uncanny, and secretly have a desire for perversity. Definitely not for the lighthearted."[2] Robert Christgau named "Dark Vadar" as a choice cut from the album.[3] The album was mildly successful making it to number 48 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, number 11 on the Independent Albums and number 16 on the Top Heatseekers charts in the U.S.[5]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Lyrics Music Producer(s) Length
1. "Concert Intro" Keith Jacky Jasper, Santos Keith, Jacky Jasper, Santos 0:49
2. "I Wanna Play" Keith Keith Keith, Jacky Jasper, Esham, Santos 3:24
3. "I'm a Tell-U" Keith Keith Keith 2:59
4. "Mack Trucks" Keith Keith Keith 2:29
5. "Drugs" Keith Esham, Santos Keith, Jacky Jasper, Esham, Santos 3:23
6. "Yes Yes Y'all" (feat. Esham) Keith, Esham Keith, Esham Keith 3:07
7. "Haters" Keith Keith Keith 3:21
8. "N.B.A." Keith Santos Keith, Santos 2:41
9. "Jewelry Shine" Keith Santos Keith, Santos 3:32
10. "Eldaradoe's" Keith Keith Keith 2:23
11. "Maxin in the Shade" Keith Keith Keith 3:11
12. "Big Frank" Keith Keith Keith, L. Seven 3:11
13. "Jealous" Kieth Keith Keith, L. Seven 3:49
14. "Girls Would U Fuck Tonight" Keith Keith Keith, L. Seven 2:58
15. "Stoney Jackson" Keith Keith Keith, Jacky Jasper, Santos 2:47
16. "Girls in Jail" Keith Santos Keith, Jacky Jasper, Santos 2:49
17. "Blackula" (feat. Jacky Jasper) Keith, Jacky Jasper Esham, Santos Keith, Esham, Jacky Jasper, Santos 3:02
18. "Dark Vadar" (feat. Esham) Keith, Esham Keith, Esham Keith, Esham, Jacky Jasper, Santos 4:03
19. "Captain Save Em" Keith Keith Keith 3:45
20. "Spank-Master (Take Off Your Clothes)" (feat. Esham) Keith, Esham Esham, Santos Keith, Esham, Jacky Jasper, Santos 2:32


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