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Sozita Goudouna (Greek: Σωζήτα Γκουντούνα[1]) is a curator,[2][3][4] art historian[5][6] and the author of Beckett's Breath: Anti-theatricality and the Visual Arts[7] on Samuel Beckett's Breath, one of the shortest plays ever written[8] for the theatre, published by Edinburgh University Press[9][10] and released in the US by Oxford University Press.[11] According to William Hutchings' review at the Comparative Drama Conference Series 15, Goudouna's book is surely the most ever said about the least in the entire history of literary criticism.[12] In 2018 Goudouna was one of the candidates for the directorship of EMST National Contemporary Art Museum Athens.[13]

Sozita Goudouna
Sozita Goudouna

Alma materUniversity of London MA PhD & RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Art MA
OccupationArt Theorist & Curator
Known forBeckett's Breath
AwardsAndrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Onassis Foundation PhD Scholarship, Onassis Scholars Foundation Research Award

Goudouna[14] was selected as the inaugural Andrew W. Mellon Foundation curator[15] at Performa (performance festival)[16] in New York City founded by Roselee Goldberg.[17]Goudouna[18] served as the director of the first European funded Art Residency[19][20] and as the Visual Art Consultant of the Onassis Foundation Festival in New York.[21] She curated a project with Paul B. Preciado with the participation of Karen Finley at the Parliament of Bodies public arts program at Documenta 14[22] and in 2019 she joined as head of operations Raymond Pettibon Studio.[23][24]


Goudouna moved to London in 1996 where she settled until 2012. She received her BA (Hons) in Philosophy with Theatre from London Metropolitan University and holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Text, Performance and Directing from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and in English Literature from Kings College, University of London.[25] She holds a PhD[26] from the University of London on high modernist theory focusing on Michael Fried and the work of Samuel Beckett supervised by David Bradby.[27] Goudouna received a scholarship in 2002 from the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation Public Benefit Foundation[28] to pursue her PhD research.

Early lifeEdit

Goudouna was born in Athens, Greece.[29] When she was 15 she co-organized, with a collective of five friends, the first renowned concert in Greece in support of ACT UP at the old brewery of FIX with the participation of school bands and of popular alternative bands including Deus Ex Machina, Groove Machine, Make Believe and Honey Dive.[30] Goudouna first gained art world attention in 2000, when she directed for RADA a performance and visual art project in a listed house at Duke st in London, in collaboration with dancers from The Place based on Ritter, Dene, Voss by Thomas Bernhardt.[3]The site specific project at Duke st alluded to Haus Wittgenstein's modernist house in Vienna.[4]

Beckett's BreathEdit

Goudouna's book Beckett's Breath: Antitheatricality and the Visual Arts[31]was published by Edinburgh University Press[9][10]in 2018 and released in the US by Oxford University Press. Samuel Beckett wrote Breath (play), a thirty-second playlet for the stage that does not include actors, text, characters or drama but only stage directions. Goudouna's monograph analyses the ways the piece became emblematic of the intermedia exchanges that occur in Beckett's later writings, as well as the cross-fertilisation of the theatre with the visual arts.[32][33][34] The book examines Beckett's ultimate venture to define the borders between a theatrical performance and purely visual representation and juxtaposes Beckett's Breath with breath-related artworks by visual artists including Valie Export, Feminist Art Workers, Marcel Duchamp, Piero Manzoni, Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley, Giuseppe Penone, John Latham, Vito Acconci, Chris Burden, Nancy Spero, Lygia Clark, Art & Language, Marina Abramović.[35]

Performa Biennial (New Visual Performance Festival)Edit

Goudouna[4] was selected in May 2015 as the first Andrew W. Mellon Foundation curatorial fellow at Performa.[36] In 2005 Performa (performance festival) hosted the first Performa Biennial, a series of performance events at venues and institutions across New York City by its founding curator and editor Roselee Goldberg. For the 2005 Biennial the Solomon R. Guggenheim presented Marina Abramović's Seven Easy Pieces,[37] in which Abramović re-performed several works from the canon of early performance works, including two of her own. Performances included works by Gina Pane, Vito Acconci, Valie Export, Bruce Nauman, and Joseph Beuys. For Performa15,[38] that celebrated ten years since the founding of the Performa biennial in 2005, Goudouna[39] worked for the production of new commissions by artists Yvonne Rainer, Tania Bruguera, Francesco Vezzoli, David Hallberg, Juliana Huxtable, Robin Rhode, Laura Lima, Heather Phillipson, Chimurenga, Edgar Arceneaux, Erika Vogt and Performa alums Jérôme Bel, Jesper Just among others.[40][41][42][43] During Goudouna's post in 2015, Performa announced a new partnership with the Paris-based arts organization Lafayette Anticipation, Fondation Galeries Lafayette.[44] For Performa, Goudouna initiated the commissions from Performa Archives among other initiatives.[45]

Raymond Roussel SocietyEdit

Goudouna curated a production on Raymond Roussel's Locus Solus that was presented from 2009 until 2010 as a location driven project in Shunt Vaults Shunt (theatre company) London Bridge, The Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Benaki Museum, as well as in public spaces in Elephant and Castle. For this project Goudouna collaborated with Werner Nekes,[46] Mat Collishaw, Flux Factory NYC, The International Institute for Important Items and more than 100 artists and architects.[47] Owing to Goudouna's extensive research on Roussel[48] she was invited to sit on the board of directors at the Raymond Roussel Society,[49][50] a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting and honoring Roussel and his work; and promoting culture and art through the spirit of Roussel. The Raymond Roussel Society consists of a special team of creators, thinkers and artists who were profoundly affected by Roussel.[51][52][53][48] The Raymond Roussel Society honored John Ashbery with the Raymond Roussel Society Medal[54] in June 2017 in New York.[55]

Ecological activitiesEdit

Sozita Goudouna has been widely involved in ecological Activism.[56] She ran for the municipal elections of the island of Hydra in 2010 as a member of the Ecological Association The Hydra Seal.[57][58] Since 1988 she is a member of the association which was founded in 1988 in Hydra (island) with the aim to protect the environment and Greek cultural heritage within the broad areas of archaeology, traditional settlements and submarine antiquities in Hydra (island) and Dokos .[59][60][61]

The range of the Association's activities covers the protection of natural reserves, protected species and most notably the Mediterranean monk seal "Monachus-Monachus" Mediterranean monk seal which lives and reproduces in the Myrtoan Sea and the eastern part of the Peloponnese. The ecological association has received support from Stavros Niarchos Foundation.[62] In 2002 she became a board member of the association. As a board member she co-organized projects in collaboration with the Zoology Department at the University of Athens, the University of the Aegean, the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, the European Union and other organizations including WWF World Wide Fund for Nature and Mom Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal.[63][64]The projects that she is actively involved include the following:

The Association's protection of the traditional settlements and the archaeological heritage have led to six executive decrees for the benefit of Hydra, including the 1993 the transference of jurisdictions from the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change and the Ministry of the Aegean Sea to the Ministry of Culture. In 1994 the ancient island of "Aperopia" Dokos known today as "Dokos" was proclaimed as "Non-building Zone A" and the sea around Dokos an archaeological park. In 1996, Hydra was declared an archaeological space and every settlement of the island was held under the auspices of the state. In 1998,the department of Byzantine and post-Byzantine Monuments resulted in the placing of signs/epigraphs in Hydra under particular specifications.[65]In 2002, the association resolved the issue of the ban of vehicles in Hydra with the publication of a joint Ministerial decree regarding the circulation of vehicles in the island.[66][67][68] The Association is organizing events with institutions including the "Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage," the Goulandris Natural History Museum,the Benaki Museum, the National Gallery,the Byzantine Museum and National Television ERT where Goudouna presented a show on Art and Upcycling[69]


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  • Space, Kenji Aoki, Monograph, Kehrer Verlag in English and German (forthcoming).[71]
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  • 2012 Eleventh Plateau in Amber'11 Sanat ve Teknoloji Festivali / amber'11 Art and Technology Festival BIS, Body-Process Art Association ISBN 978-605-88807-6-4[79]


  • 2016 Documentary Dogs of Democracy directed by Mary Zournazi[80]
  • 2017 TV Series On Upcycling[81]

Interdisciplinary art exhibitionsEdit

  • 2019 OUT SCORE at Aexone, Onassis Foundation and Onassis Scholars production, Group Exhibition with the participation of artists: Maria Hassabi, Kelly Nipper, Michael Portnoy, Duke Riley, Alexandros Georgiou, Delia Gonzalez, Eleni Kamma, Kostis Velonis, Raymond Pettibon, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Ilan Manouach, Christian Wassmann, Vassilis Salpistis and Marie Voignier, Dionysis Kavalieratos, Maria Georgoula, Nikos Charalambidis, Olga Venetsianou, Angela Svoronou, Sotiris Karamanis and Mark Aerial Waller.[82]
  • 2019 Kenji Aoki solo show, Warren st New York. [83]
  • 2019 UN/FASHION Grow Exhibition at Megaron Athens Concert Hall for the 1st Athens Fashion Film Festival initially launched in Milan by Constanza Cavalli Etro[84].[85] [86]
  • 2018 Trajal Harrell at Dystopian Pleasures by FYTA & the Ministry of Post Truth. Athens School of Fine Arts[87] [88]
  • 2018 SHADOW LIBRARIES: UBUWEB Top Tens Exhibition, 24h Ubu Onassis Cultural Centre[89] [90]
  • 2018 Theorems, AICA International Art Critics Association Annual Exhibition EMST National Contemporary Art Museum[91] [92]
  • 2017 Documenta 14 International Exhibition Oracle Drawings Parliament of Bodies, Parko Eleftherias[93][94][95]
  • 2017 COMBAT BREATHING, Participating Artists: Valie Export, John Latham, Jesper Just, Kelly Nipper, Karen Finley, Liz Magic Laser, Nikos Navridis, Jenny Marketou, Peggy Kliafa EMST National Contemporary Art Museum[96]
  • 2017 A CERTAIN BLUE OF THE SEA, 40 Artists Group Exhibition Ionian Parliament[97]
  • 2016 ANTIGONE NOW Festival Onassis Foundation New York[98] [99]
  • 2016 COMMONPLACE General Consulate of Greece in New York[100] [101] [102] [102] [103]
  • 2016 Navine G. Khan-Dossos Solo Booth Project Art-Athina International Art Fair[104]
  • 2016 Joo Yeon Park, O Solo Exhibition & Performance 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[105]
  • 2015 Performa 15 New York Biennial MoMA, Times Square, Marian Goodman Gallery, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Martha Graham Studio Theater, PARTICIPANT INC, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York (SI), Roulette, Rhizome, Jewish Museum, Goethe Institute New York, Danspace Project, El Museo del Bario, Printed Matter Inc
  • 2015 Pavel Büchler Solo Booth Project[106]
  • 2015 Roy Ascott, The Art of Technoetics: A Syncretic Strategy.The I-Node Of The Planetary Collegium University of Plymouth 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency
  • 2015 Martin Creed, Like Water At A Buffet.Solo Exhibition & Performance 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[107]
  • 2015 Andrea Geyer Comrades of Time.Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom International Conference Museum of History University of Athens[108]
  • 2015 Lynda Benglis Solo Exhibition 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[109]
  • 2015 Santiago Sierra. Stray Dogs Project.Solo Exhibition and public intervention Syntagma Square[110][111]
  • 2014 Tim Shaw RA Time Got Knicked Around Solo Exhibition 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency
  • 2014 Traces of Truth and Circles of Deceit: Beirut Entangled.Beirut: Bodies in Public Project.Public Intervention Martyrs' Square, Beirut[112]
  • 2014 Marie Voignier, One by One Solo Exhibition 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[113]
  • 2014 Miriam Simun, Three Rituals for the Eco-city.Solo Exhibition and Public Art Project 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[114]
  • 2014 Andrea Geyer. Three Chants Modern, commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Made possible by MoMA's Wallis Annenberg Fund for Innovation in Contemporary Art through the Annenberg Foundation.Solo Booth Project Art-Athina International Art Fair[108]
  • 2013 Mat Chivers.Between the Night and the Day and the Day and Night.Intervention in the public sphere Monastiraki Square[115]
  • 2013 Mat Chivers.Between the Night and the Day and the Day and Night.Intervention in the public sphere 1st Official European Union Athens Art Residency[116]
  • 2013 RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE.Accumulation .Solo booth project Art-Athina International Art Fair[117]
  • 2013 The Metaphor of The Blind, in conjunction with Jacques Derrida ConferenceFrench Institute[118]
  • 2012 "Metabolism of Forms.Solo Exhibition & Performance" Hunterian Museum (London)
  • 2012 "Un-Inhabited" Archeological Museum, Island of Delos[119]
  • 2012 Words! Words! Words! Lettrism International Festival Beton Arts
  • 2012 Time to Open the Black Boxes By Danae Stratou Zoumboulakis Galleries[120]
  • 2011 Eleventh Plateau Archeological Association Athens[121]
  • 2011 Eleventh Plateau Historical Archives Museum Hydra[122]
  • 2010 Locus Solus Benaki Museum[123]
  • 2010 Locus Solus Byzantine Museum[124]
  • 2009 Spaces Within Spaces Festival London Festival of Europe

Editorial activitiesEdit

  • 2018 JAR Journal of Artistic Research Associate Editor[125]
  • 2017 Journal of Poverty, publisher Routledge Associate Editor[126]
  • 2016 Deucalion Philosophical Journal Associate Editor
  • 2011 STP: Studies in Theatre and Performance Intellect Publishers Associate Editor, publisher Routledge[127]
  • 2009 Arts in Society Journal CommonGround Publishers Associate Editor[128]
  • 2009 Naked But Safe Associate Editor[129]


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