South Dakota National Guard

The South Dakota National Guard is part of the South Dakota Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. It was created in 1862 as the State Militia. Its headquarters is located in Rapid City, South Dakota. It consists of the South Dakota Army National Guard and the South Dakota Air National Guard.[1]

South Dakota Army National Guard logo
Flags of the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada waving near the entrance to the South Dakota Army National Guard's Golden Coyote training site in Custer State Park in East Custer.

The Guard in South Dakota was first activated 1862 by the territorial governor, and consisted of six companies of militia, composed of cavalry and infantry. In April 1898 the first infantry was federalized and deployed to the Philippines.[2]

South Dakota Army National GuardEdit

The South Dakota Army National Guard maintains and operates 24 armories, and in 22 different communities. Major components of the SD ARNG include field artillery, engineer, transportation, aviation, maintenance and medical units.

Major units:

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In Jan. 2013, Charmaine White Face raised concerns about radiation exposure of South Dakota Army National Guard soldiers in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland.[7]

South Dakota Air National GuardEdit

Use of private funding for deploymentEdit

In June 2021, the governor announced the deployment of up to 50 National Guard troops to the southern U.S. border to be funded by a private donor. The announcement was characterized as "unprecedented and unethical" by military and oversight experts.[9]

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