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The South-West Brabant Museum (Dutch: Zuidwestbrabants Museum) is a local museum in Halle, Flemish Brabant, Belgium. From 1981 the museum was housed for decades in a former college of Jesuits from the 17th century. After a closure of half a year in 2014, it was reopened in Den Ast.[1]

South-West Brabant Museum
Zuidwestbrabants Museum
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Former location at the college of Jesuits house
South-West Brabant Museum is located in Belgium
South-West Brabant Museum
Location within Belgium
LocationHalle, Belgium
Coordinates50°44′17.431″N 4°14′11.819″E / 50.73817528°N 4.23661639°E / 50.73817528; 4.23661639Coordinates: 50°44′17.431″N 4°14′11.819″E / 50.73817528°N 4.23661639°E / 50.73817528; 4.23661639
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It maintains and conserves around 20,000 pieces and is centered around archeology,[2] music and the local histories of Halle, the Pajottenland, Zenne and Sonian.[3]

For a great part the way of living of humans from earlier times is told. The museum rebuilt a workers home from the 19th century. A detailed look is given at weaving, pottery, braiding baskets, city guards, forging noble metals, painting art, glass art, agriculture, and pilgrimage.[2][3]

Another selection pays attention to local musicians, like cellist Adrien-François Servais (1807-1866) and various family members, like his musical sons Franz and Joseph, grand daughter Misia Sert and sons in law Ernest Van Dyck and Cyprien Godebski.[3]

In Den Ast it is located at the former establishment of the malt house Van Roye. The ground floor pays attention to eight hundred years of history of the city, among which the pilgrimage. The first floor is focused on the music culture in the city and carnival. There is also an experience trail through the old malt house. The exhibited collection is smaller than in the former Jesuits college, however is will be changed every four to five years. There are also digital presentations.[1][2]

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