Sounding Brass (radio show)

Sounding Brass was a pioneer phone-in programme presented by Gloria Hunniford on BBC Radio 2.[1] Listeners were invited to choose a Christmas carol or hymn while a Salvation Army band, which included the famous Chalk Farm Band, stood by in the studio to play their requests live.[2][3]

The brass bands had a wide repertoire and were usually able to play a hymn tune within forty seconds of the request being made. A guest hymnologist was on-hand to explain the origin of the music and the background to the composition of the words. Among the regular Bandmasters who appeared was Ray Steadman-Allen, the famous Salvation Army band composer. The programme was devised and first presented by Owen Spencer-Thomas on BBC Radio London in 1977.[4] The programme ran until the mid-1990s.

Its sister programme Sounding Brass Strikes Again, which featured top brass bands from across London, was broadcast on BBC Radio London from 2 August 1978.[5]


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