Sons of the Legion

Sons of The Legion is a 1938 film directed by James P. Hogan. Its plot concerns a group of young men looking to start a squadron in their Legion Post. However, because the boy's father wrongfully received a dishonorable discharge after World War I, his father cannot join the Legion and in turn his son cannot join the squadron.[1]

Sons of the Legion
Directed byJames P. Hogan
Produced byStuart Walker
CinematographyCharles Edgar Schoenbaum
Edited byAnne Bauchens
Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • September 18, 1938 (1938-09-18)
Running time
60 min.
CountryUnited States



Tim Holt was loaned to Paramount from Walter Wanger.[2] Filming started 30 June 1938.[3]


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