Something Beautiful (Better Call Saul)

"Something Beautiful" is the third episode of the fourth season of the AMC television series Better Call Saul, the spinoff series of Breaking Bad. The episode aired on August 20, 2018 on AMC in the United States. Outside of the United States, the episode premiered on streaming service Netflix in several countries.

"Something Beautiful"
Better Call Saul episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 3
Directed byDaniel Sackheim
Written byGordon Smith
Featured music"The Elements" by Tom Lehrer
Original air dateAugust 20, 2018 (2018-08-20)
Running time43 minutes
Guest appearance(s)
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Victor, Tyrus and Nacho transport Arturo's body as they drive in two cars to a remote spot in the desert, where they stage an attack on Nacho's car. They intend to make it appear as though Arturo and Nacho were ambushed, and the drugs they were carrying stolen, so they shoot Arturo's body and riddle the car with bullets. Victor and Tyrus shoot Nacho twice to hide his role in faking the attack and his ties to Gus. Nacho calls the Cousins for help. They burn the car and succeed in getting him to veterinarian Dr. Caldera, who saves Nacho's life, but insists that Nacho see a medical doctor to ensure there are no complications.

Juan Bolsa contacts Gus after hearing about the "attack" on Nacho and Arturo, which is similar in nature to a previous attack on one of their trucks (the one Mike robbed while concealing his identity). Bolsa suggests that because of disruption of the cartel's cross-border drug shipments, Gus should start evaluating the feasibility of producing meth on the US side, not realizing this is what Gus intended. Gus goes to see Gale Boetticher, a post-graduate student and researcher at the University of New Mexico. Gale reports the results of meth sample tests he secretly conducted for Gus, deeming the samples acceptable but mediocre, with low purity caused by contaminated cookware and poor manufacturing technique. He indicates he could synthesize a better product if Gus wants him to, but Gus declines and assures Gale he is destined for better things.

Jimmy meets with Mike and tries to enlist his aid in stealing the expensive Hummel figurine from Neff Copiers. Jimmy's plan is to have Mike take the Alpine Shepherd Boy, which is worth $8,000 or more, replace it with a Bavarian Boy, which looks similar but can be purchased for around $20, then sell the stolen Hummel and split the proceeds. Mike refuses, saying that common theft is "not for me". Jimmy then hires Ira, but during the break-in Ira discovers that the owner is sleeping in his office. He calls Jimmy for help, and Jimmy distracts the owner by setting off his car alarm, then putting his car into neutral gear and letting it roll across the nearby parking lot, which enables Ira to escape undetected.

Kim returns to working with Mesa Verde. Kevin is thrilled to have her back and shows her his plans for aggressive expansion. Kim is both concerned about the speed of Mesa Verde's growth and bored with corporate law, so she gives most of the bank work to Viola, her paralegal, and asks to be dropped off at the courthouse.

Kim gives Jimmy an envelope containing what she says is Chuck's last letter to Jimmy. Jimmy reads out loud the undated letter, which appears to have been written while he was working in the HHM mailroom. The letter is full of praise for Jimmy and statements about how proud Chuck is of his accomplishments, but its backhanded compliments and slightly condescending tone make it clear Chuck did not expect Jimmy to rise above his station in life. Jimmy calls the letter "nice" and praises Chuck's writing skills, but Kim becomes visibly distraught and starts crying as she runs to their bedroom.


"Something Beautiful" is the first Better Call Saul episode for Breaking Bad character Gale Boetticher, portrayed by David Costabile (pictured).

This episode includes the first appearance of Gale Boetticher, a major character from Breaking Bad's third season played by David Costabile, into Better Call Saul. Costabile had been in Albuquerque filming Dig while Better Call Saul's team was wrapping up production of the final episode of the first season. He ran into co-producer Peter Gould and had a meal with him, during which they agreed that it would be great to have Gale appear on Better Call Saul. Costabile had not thought about it until he was contacted by the show's team, asking if he was ready to come back as Gale. Costabile was able to work in filming for Better Call Saul between filming on Billions.[1] Costabile had only about a week with the script to memorize both his lines and to be able to sing karaoke to Tom Lehrer's "The Elements", in contrast to his past singing performances on Breaking Bad where he had more time to learn the lyrics.[1] His filming for the episode, done within a day, was between shooting shots for Billions, requiring him to keep his beard he had grown for the role in Billions; Costabile considered this part of developing the background of the Gale character.[2]


"Something Beautiful" received critical acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes, it garnered a perfect 100% rating with an average score of 9/10 based on 16 reviews. The site consensus reads, "'Something Beautiful' is full of strong, small moments that continue to drive the show's complicated characters forward – if ever so slowly."[3]


"Something Beautiful" was watched by 1.51 million viewers in the United States on its original air date.[4]


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