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Kimberly Wexler is a fictional character from the AMC television series Better Call Saul, a spin-off of Breaking Bad. Kim is portrayed by Rhea Seehorn, and was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.[1] She is a lawyer, and is also the love interest of titular character Jimmy McGill.

Kim Wexler
Better Call Saul character
Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler in a promotional poster for Better Call Saul's fourth season.
First appearance"Uno" (2015)
Created by
Portrayed byRhea Seehorn
Full nameKimberly Wexler
AliasGiselle Saint Claire
  • HHM Litigator
  • Attorney
  • Partner at Wexler McGill
Significant otherJimmy McGill
HomeAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
BirthplaceUnnamed town at the Kansas-Nebraska border, United States

Character biographyEdit


As described in flashbacks, Kim Wexler was born and raised in an unnamed town on the Kansas-Nebraska border, about which she is intentionally vague. She moved to Albuquerque because of the limited opportunities she had in her hometown. Kim worked in the mailroom at Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill (HHM), where Howard Hamlin and Chuck McGill were lead partners. Chuck's younger brother Jimmy was employed in the mailroom because of Chuck's insistence that he work a legitimate job and rid himself of his con artist past. With HHM loaning her the money to pay for law school, she completed her education and then joined the firm as an associate. She soon became one of HHM's top lawyers, and her success inspired Jimmy to secretly attend a distance learning law school and become an attorney. With Kim's encouragement, Jimmy started a solo practice after HHM decided against hiring him as an associate.

Season 1Edit

In the show's present (2003), Jimmy, angered by how Chuck and Howard have treated him, has run-ins with HHM, including stealing a case from them and placing a billboard ad for his firm that copies Howard's signature look, the HHM colors, and HHM's logo. Kim follows Howard's direction to talk to Jimmy, but finds Jimmy's use of con games interesting; Jimmy, suggests that she should leave HHM and set up a firm with him. Fallout from Jimmy's actions cause Kim to lose some of her standing within HHM. She becomes more disenchanted with HHM after Jimmy brings the firm a potentially multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit against the Sandpiper retirement communities, only for Chuck to use Howard in blocking Jimmy's participation on the case. When the case grows in size, HHM calls on the services of another firm, Davis & Main, and Kim recommends Jimmy to them due to his familiarity with the case and rapport with the clients. Her recommendation results in Jimmy being offered an associate's position with D&M, which would enable him to continue working on the Sandpiper case.

Season 2Edit

Jimmy is reluctant to take the job at Davis & Main, and hides away at a luxury hotel using an assumed name and stolen credit card. Kim tracks him down and tries to convince him to take the job. Instead, Jimmy brings her in on a con, convincing another hotel patron to pay for an expensive bottle of tequila. The con is a success, and they spend the night together; Kim keeps the elaborate bottle stopper as a memento.

Jimmy accepts the Davis & Main job and works with Kim on the Sandpiper lawsuit. Jimmy skirts the law in soliciting Sandpiper residents to join the class, creating the potential for damage to Davis & Main's reputation among its more conservative clients. Later, he prepares a television advertisement to attract more members for the class, and airs it without getting the approval of his D&M superiors. Kim covers for him at HHM, staining her reputation even further. Jimmy offers to quit Davis & Main if it will help restore's Kim's reputation, but she insists she reclaim her standing at the firm on her own. Kim works her law school and professional contacts in the hopes of obtaining a major new client for HHM, and succeeds in convincing a large regional bank, Mesa Verde, to retain HHM as outside counsel. Howard is happy to have the business, but denies Kim credit. Reduced to entry-level document review and arguing unwinnable motions in court, Kim's courtroom proficiency draws the attention of Richard Schweikart, a partner at Schweikart & Cokely. Schweikart tells Kim HHM is not appreciative of her talents and offers her a position at his firm. Kim considers the offer while sitting at a bar, and begins talking to a man she recognizes as a potential mark. She calls Jimmy to join her, and they successfully complete another con, followed by another night together. Kim decides to leave HHM and establish her own solo practice, with Jimmy forming a solo practice in the same office so they can share expenses. Kim tries to bring Mesa Verde with her, and appears to succeed, but Chuck wins them back to HHM. Knowing that Kim wants Mesa Verde, Jimmy tampers with important documents in one of Chuck's filings on the bank's behalf. Inconsistencies in the documents at the state banking board meeting call Chuck's competence into question. Mesa Verde signs on with Kim, and Chuck becomes obsessed with proving Jimmy's sabotage. Kim becomes aware of Jimmy's actions, and tells him Chuck will find any evidence, so Jimmy should conceal it before Chuck uncovers it.

Season 3Edit

Chuck becomes increasingly obsessed with proving Jimmy's sabotage and tricks him into an incriminating statement, which Chuck records. Learning of the recording from Ernesto, Kim counsels Jimmy to wait and see what Chuck intends to do with it, but Jimmy breaks into Chuck's house to confront him, enabling Chuck to have Jimmy arrested. Jimmy faces a bar investigation, and Kim and Jimmy's strategy of exposing Chuck's electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a psychosomatic illness discredits his testimony. Jimmy is suspended from practicing law for a year, but not disbarred. Chuck's paranoid performance as a witness degrades his professional reputation, and HHM loses standing in Albuquerque's legal community. While Jimmy tries various ways to generate income so Kim and he can keep their shared office, Kim takes on a second client. Rushing to a meeting after little sleep, she crashes her car and breaks her arm. To save money, Kim and Jimmy break the lease on their office and Kim practices from home, while Jimmy helps her with day-to-day activities because her arm is in a cast during her recovery. Howard forces Chuck out of HHM, and an increasingly erratic Chuck sets a fire in his home by knocking over a camping lantern, but makes no attempt to leave.

Season 4Edit

Following Chuck's suicide, Kim tries without success to break Jimmy out of his despondent mood. Howard tells Jimmy and Kim he thinks that his decision to force Chuck's retirement from HHM after their malpractice insurance rates rose led to Chuck's death. Jimmy conceals his role in causing the rate increase, allows Howard to shoulder the blame, and regains his usual happy-go-lucky demeanor. Unaware of Jimmy's actions, Kim later berates Howard for mistreating Jimmy. Kim works on Mesa Verde's rapid regional expansion, but is increasingly bored with banking law, so she begins taking pro bono criminal defense cases, which she finds more interesting and satisfying. After she is reprimanded by Paige for putting her pro bono work ahead of Mesa Verde's, Kim persuades Schweikart & Cokely to hire her as a partner to manage a new banking division, which enables her to handle the Mesa Verde work while continuing to devote time and effort to criminal defense cases. With her career becoming more successful, she becomes more distant from Jimmy, who works a boring job as a cellular phone store manager while he serves out the suspension of his law license. Jimmy later starts a lucrative side business reselling prepaid cellular phones on the street, and hires Huell Babineaux as his bodyguard. Huell has a run-in with a police officer, who arrests him, and Jimmy convinces Kim to defend Huell to keep him from receiving a prison sentence. Finding it impossible to convince the prosecuting attorney to enter into a plea bargain, Kim and Jimmy run a con to fake a show of support for Huell in his hometown. They keep Huell out of prison, and then engage in a con that enables Kim to replace approved plans for a Mesa Verde branch in Lubbock, Texas with plans for a larger building, saving time and expense by bypassing the city zoning and planning approval processes. After his suspension is over, Kim helps Jimmy win reinstatement to the bar by faking remorse for Chuck's death and promising to do justice to the McGill name, and is shocked when he tells her he will no longer practice under his own name.


Rhea Seehorn portrays Kim Wexler.

Due to Kim Wexler's popularity in Better Call Saul, creator Vince Gilligan hinted at a possible spin-off about her, he also said that a Wexler spin-off is the most likely to be done, saying, "If we were to do another spin-off it would be the Kim Wexler show".[1]

Salon commented on Kim Wexler's role in the fourth season:

But that is precisely why Kim has become the low-key heroine of season 4. With her signature ponytail, her sensible bargain-rack suit separates and heels that are low enough to polish her look but high enough to suggest a whiff of danger, Kim is a stand-in for every cubicle dweller who takes pride in working hard and doing a job well but at some point realizes that it’s not doing enough.[2]

For her performances in season 1 and season 2, Rhea Seehorn won a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film in 2015 and 2016.[3][4]


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