Solo (DC Talk album)

Solo is an EP by DC Talk consisting primarily of the band members' solo efforts with the exception of a live-performance cover of U2's "40", which is the last recording made by the band before going on hiatus. "Extreme Days", was written and recorded for the film Extreme Days and a different mix was released on Momentum released later in the year.

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ReleasedApril 24, 2001
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Jesus Freak Hideout[2]

The album won 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album.

Track listingEdit

Album release
1."40" (U2 cover) (Live)Adam Clayton, David Evansdc Talk2:40
2."Alibi"Michael Tait, Pete StewartTait4:12
3."All You Got"Tait, Chad Chapin, Toby McKeehanTait4:39
4."Return of the Singer"Kevin Max, Mark TownsendKevin Max3:51
5."Be"Erick Cole, MaxKevin Max3:47
6."Somebody's Watching"McKeehan, Michael-Anthony TaylortobyMac3:47
7."Extreme Days"McKeehan, Jamie Rowe, TaylortobyMac3:50
Total length:26:46

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