Intermission: the Greatest Hits

Intermission: the Greatest Hits (often just called Intermission) is a compilation album released by DC Talk. It features songs from their studio albums beginning with Free at Last until their last full studio album; Supernatural. It also contains the tracks "Chance", "Sugar Coat It" and a remix of "Say the Words", which were recorded especially for this album.

Intermission: the Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by
ReleasedNovember 21, 2000
GenreChristian rock, Christian hip hop, alternative rock
DC Talk chronology
Intermission: the Greatest Hits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Jesus Freak Hideout [1]
dcTalkUniteA+ [2]

To date, it is the most recent album by the group to contain original studio material.

Track listingEdit

Album release
No.TitleOriginally recorded onLength
1."Say the Words (Now) - (Remix)"Free at Last (1992)4:41
2."Colored People"Jesus Freak (1995)4:24
3."Jesus Is Just Alright"Free at Last (1992)4:20
4."Between You and Me"Jesus Freak (1995)5:01
5."Mind's Eye"Jesus Freak (1995)5:07
6."Consume Me"Supernatural (1998)4:52
7."My Will"Exodus (1998)5:25
8."In the Light"Jesus Freak (1995)4:55
9."Mr. Morgan (Morgan Act I)"new song1:16
10."Socially Acceptable"Free at Last (1992)3:46
11."Luv Is a Verb"Free at Last (1992)4:47
12."Supernatural"Supernatural (1998)3:55
13."Jesus Freak"Jesus Freak (1995)3:59
14."The Hardway" (Remix)Free at Last (1992)4:47
15."What if I Stumble"Jesus Freak (1995)5:01
16."I Wish We'd All Been Ready"Jesus Freak (Single) (1995)4:55
17."Chance"new song3:42
18."Sugar Coat It"new song3:59
19."Mrs. Morgan (Morgan Act II)"Jesus Freak (1995)0:52
Total length:79:44

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